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Whole Wheat White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies & Giveaway

Tis the season for cookies right? Platters of cookies have forever adorned my holiday table and I love wrapping a plate of cookies up for my neighbors. The holidays wouldn’t be complete without these things.

Cookies and Christmas…. well it’s kind of like peanut butter and jelly! They are just meant to be together.

Hodgson Mill  asked me to participate in their “Have a Grain Holiday” contest by utilizing their fine line of whole wheat products to bake a new and exciting, yet more healthy, holiday treat!

I thought for a moment about what I might want to create…. I had to go with cookies, it’s what I love most about baking for the holidays. My kids and I enjoy gathering around the kitchen island and rolling out cookies, then delivering them to friends and neighbors.

Also, if any of you participate in Cookie Swaps, wouldn’t it be great to pass out cookies that were out of this world delicious and yet so much better for you than cookies made with white processed flours?

So that’s what I set out to create!

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Curly Fries and a Giveaway!

Have you ever developed a serious addiction to something, then spent countless dollars trying to find a product to help you create it at home?

My name’s Modern Mrs. Cleaver and I’m helplessly addicted to curly fries….

{this is where you tell me that I’m among friends}

I hate to admit that I’ve spent a small fortune on products that promise to produce those splendid spud spirals! After breaking a few cheapy gadgets, pushing with the whole of my body weight on others, and creating nothing but frustration…I had honestly quit trying and just splurged on a fast food version every now and then.

Now here’s the amazing part

Paderno World Cuisine   generously offered to host a giveaway for a fantastic spiral slicer!!!!

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Precision Pro Scale Winner!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family!

It’s time to give away this Precision Pro Scale…. FYI: I won’t be stepping on a scale for a few days 🙂

Thanks to Eat Smart Products for graciously hosting this giveaway. I threw my old scale away and have quickly fallen in love with this one.


If you want to see their full line of affordable and high-quality products, click the link below.

Eat Smart Products Link

The randomly selected winner (via is……… {Drumroll}


Congratulations Robin! Please submit your mailing address to and the folks at Eat Smart will send you your scale.

Stay tuned, as December is a fun month of giveaways and merriment on Modern Mrs. Cleaver…. the upcoming recipes are pretty darn delicious too! Bias? Maybe a little!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver


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Hodgson Mill Prize Pack Winner

After a few long weeks of biting my nails over the Hodgson Mill “Build a Better Pizza” contest…..the day is finally here!

Voting ends today at 5 pm central time.

Thanks to each and every one of you who voted! Now I need to give away this prize pack…

The winner, chosen by a tedious process of assigning every comment a number then using to pick a number/winner is………


Congratulations Paula! Please email your mailing address to to claim your prize. I will send that info to the folks at Hodgson Mill, and they will mail your package to you.

Thanks again for all your support and don’t forget….Hodgson Mills is drawing ten more names from the pool of voters to win additional prize packs!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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There’s still time to enter the Giveaway!

Hodgson Mill is letting me giveaway a prize pack valued at $25.00 to one of my readers!

Most of you know that I entered my Caprese Pizza into their “Build a Better Pizza” contest…and SO FAR I’m in the lead!

{insert happy dance}

But I need YOUR help to stay there!

You, the voters, will have 2 chances to win a prize pack.

1.) Click the link below to vote for your favorite pizza (hint mine is at the top of page 5 and looks like the one below). You will need to “Like” the Hodgson Mill facebook page and enter your email. They will select 10 random voters to win a prize pack.

2.) Leave a comment here letting me know that you voted and I’ll be giving away a prize pack to a voter soon!

Here’s the link

Hodgson Mill Pizza Voting

Here’s my Caprese Pizza

Thanks guys….you truly are the BEST 🙂

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver


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Hodgson Mill Giveaway…Take 2

Earlier I posted a Giveaway from the fine folks at Hodgson Mill. As part of their “Build a Better Pizza” contest, they are allowing me to giveaway a prize pack valued at $25.00.

I submitted my “Caprese Pizza” to the contest and so far…I’m out in the lead and I couldn’t be more proud.

Unfortunately, the winner of the giveaway did not claim her prize so I’ll try it again 🙂

To enter to win the prize pack…please click the link provided near the end of this post and go vote for a pizza! While I would LOVE to have your vote…it is by no means mandatory to vote for mine to enter the giveaway.

If you want to vote for mine, it looks like this


Click the following link, “Like” the Hodgon Mill page and enter your email. Ten voters will win Hodgson Mill products and they will contact you via email.


Then vote for your favorite pizza and leave me a comment here letting me know that you voted!

I will select a random winner right before the voting ends on October 30th.

Thanks to all of you for voting…it means the world to me!


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Hodgson Mill Prize Pack Giveaway…Winner Announced!

The winner of the Hodgson Mill Prize Pack Giveaway is…..



Erin please email me at with your mailing address to claim your prize. I will submit that address to the fine folks at Hodgson Mill, who will send your prize directly to you!

Voting for the “Build a Better Pizza” will be starting soon 🙂

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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5k fan giveaway winners Announced

First off….a HUGE thanks to all of you that make Modern Mrs Cleaver so much fun! This page wouldn’t exist without you, and I would just be a woman in the kitchen with nobody to try her recipes.

{Collective awwwwwwwwwww}

So here are the winners from yesterday’s prize giveaways. The winners were selected by a high-tech process (not really). Names of correct commenters were assigned numbers, then using a random number generator ( a number/winner was chosen! The only way it could be more random, is if my kid would have chosen the winner….which he is known to do from time to time 🙂

Giveaway #1- Louisiana Spice Rub: NANCY JO POOLE SMITH-BABBITT is the winner with the correct answer to the 14th word of the Grinch Song….CUDDLY

Giveaway #2- Fuzzy Blue Socks & Glow Bracelet- NANCY SMITH is the winner with her Acronym of kitchen: Keep It Truthful Clean Happy Energetic Neat

Giveaway #3- Rooster Oven Mitt Set- TERRI BETZ  is the winner with the correct answer to “The most spoons balanced on a face”….Guiness Records recognizes Aaron Caissie with 17 spoons, although it has been challenged and passed.

Giveaway #4- Sur La Table Pastry Cutter- TARA BROOKS is the winner with the correct answer to “The American Pie Council says which pie is #1″….APPLE

Giveaway #5- Salsa Bowls & Calendar- MARGIE KIRKMAN is the winner with the correct answer to “Add the year the Wizard of Oz was released, to the year John F Kennedy was elected, to the number of windows in the Statue of Liberty’s crown, to the number of seasons Dukes of Hazzard was on air”……3,931

Giveaway #6- Sur La Table Butter Warmer & Chopsticks- SUE KULONGOWSKI is the winner with the correct answer to “What was the Supreme’s original name”….THE PRIMETTES

Giveaway #7- Pink Fuzzy Socks & Glow Bracelet- MONA DAVIS is the winner with the correct answer to “What tv series was the quote Danger Will Robinson, Danger from”…..LOST IN SPACE

Giveaway #8- Set of 11 Sur La Table Cookie Cutters- MADONNA PATTERSON is the winner with the correct answer to “What country is responsible for over half of the worlds vanilla supply”…..MADAGASCAR

Giveaway #9- Sur La Table Citru Reamer- RHONDA MURRAY is the winner with the correct answer to “What was June Cleaver’s maiden name”…..BRONSON

Giveaway #10- Toe Socks & Glow Bracelet- MIPPY is the winner with the correct answer to “What did Disney name the 3 Little Pigs”….FIFER, FIDDLER, and PRACTICAL

Giveaway #11- Fall Scented Candle Set- JESSICA CARLSON is the winner with the correct answer to “In the movie 16 candles, Samantha had a crush on what boy”….JAKE RYAN

Giveaway #12- Green Oven Mitt Set- REBECCA CORBEILLE is the winner with the correct answer to “In the Green Mile, what character did Tom Hanks play”….PAUL EDGECOMB

FINALE PRIZE- Sur La Table Vintage Inspired Apron-

Ok this one had me laughing for hours….and then I read the comments and laughed more! Then I read this one certain comment and laughed hysterically, so did my husband! THEN….I DIED LAUGHING when this person was (again randomly) selected the winner!! OH HOW FUNNY!

MARY PLUT is the winner of the apron…Her family thinks she is NUTS after counting a total of 35 DI and DOO sounds at the beginning of the Mrs. Robinson song.

Oh Mary, I don’t think you’re NUTS dear! I think you’re determined and good for a giggle or two 🙂

Winners need to submit their mailing addresses via email to to claim their prizes.

I hope you enjoyed our day of nonsense and silly prizes!

To all who choose to spend a moment of time with me or my recipes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It brings me joy to know that somewhere out there, a pot is bubbling away with my recipe inside….That a family is gathered around a table, enjoying something that I drempt up one night.

Modern Mrs. Cleaver is more than just a page to me; it’s a lifestyle, a moral way of being, and truly a passion to share and passdown love through food! You guys make it GO….Thanks to the moon and back.

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver


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Winner Announced!

The winner of the Gooseberry Patch “Big Book of Homecooking” is……..


Her favorite summertime treat is making her Grandmother’s Coconut Cream Pie


Angela please submit your mailing address at to claim your prize

I enjoyed reading about everyone’s favorites treats, stay tuned for another giveaway

Signing Off,
Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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Gooseberry Patch Giveaway

It’s that time again….Time for me to acknowledge my fantastic followers with another giveaway!

So here’s how to enter- leave me a comment about your favorite summertime treat. Do you make homemade ice cream? Or take advantage of the fresh fruit by making jams. Tell me about it!

The prize is the “Big Book of Homecooking” from the lovely ladies at Gooseberry Patch. This hardbound book is jam-packed with 450 recipes!

I will announce a randomly picked winner on July 31st. Dont forget to sign up to follow my website by entering your email on the homepage. It wouldn’t be a lot of fun to win and never know 🙂

Also, come join the conversation on my facebook page or follow me on facebook!

Good Luck,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver


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