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Tin Can Swirl Cake

If you want to teach your children how to bake or cook…you have to grab their attention!

To engage the youngsters, it HAS to be fun, and it HAS to be THEIR creation. When cooking with my youngest (he’s 10), I try to avoid recipes where MOM has to take over all the time. It just makes them feel like they’re not really needed. Now, obviously the younger your little chef is, the more you’ll have to participate. Try to let them have the reins as much as possible.

I’ll admit to having a slight case of kitchen OCD, and sometimes it’s not the easiest thing in the world to see batter flying across the kitchen from beaters that were raised out of the bowl. Take a deep breath and let it fly, you can have a nice tidy kitchen later. These moments are priceless and ya can’t get them back!

So to make these super cool little swirl cakes, we’re going to be baking in TIN CANS….Nothing new, it’s been done for years and years. I’m just going to show you how WE do it 🙂

{YES, MMC who HATES prepacked products, used a cake mix! I was teaching my son skills and didn’t want to focus so much on a specific recipe}

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Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

*DISCLAIMER* This is HIGHLY addictive and the surgeon general should probably slap a warning on it.

If that doesn’t bother you…then lets make this crazy good sauce!

This is great on ice cream, straight off a spoon, over pies, a spoon, crisps and cobbers….AND STRAIGHT OFF A SPOON 🙂

I showed my ten-year old son how to make this last night, and then encouraged him to make a batch on his own this morning. (I’ll admit, we ate the first batch last night and I wanted more)

What I’m trying to say is…it’s easy enough for a kiddo to make it, with adult supervision of course, and they will be SO proud to serve THEIR sauce and watch everyone rave.

So here we go…….

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Get Gellin and Smellin!

I needed an arts and craft project for my homeschooled nine-year old…not my son’s favorite subject! But when I let him feel like a scientist, it’s crazy fun.

I decided to LITERALLY put fall in the air!

Craft project…CHECK

Mad Scientist…CHECK

House that needs some smelly goods…CHECK

I decided to make jelly jars. Let me show you how fantastically easy these are to make, it’s a perfect project for kids and parents to do together.

P.S. I promised my son I would showcase his hard work on this post…incoming proud momma pics


Jars (mason jars or other assorted jars)

Essential Oils (whatever smells good to your nose)

Food Coloring

4 gelatin packets (I use knox unflavored gelatin)



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Octopus & Seaweed

Not really….It’s an effort I make to keep meal time fun for my youngest son! Hot dogs are classic and most kids love em’…but how inventive and FUN can a hot dog be? You can only put so many toppings on it that kids will approve of, and it still is just a hot dog. BUT…….

I challenge you to do this! When lunch time rolls around and your kids ask “What’s for lunch?”…..reply, with a straight face, Octopus and Seaweed!

Watch their little faces, you either have a child that will suck it up and bravely not make a fuss about you losing your mind….OR you have a child that will immediately scrunch up their face in disgust. Either is priceless and fun to watch. Please reassure me after you make this, that I am not the only mom that draws out the suspense…. that allows them to keep on thinking they are really gonna get served octopus meat, until the very last-minute when the treat is put on the table.

Please reassure me that I am not the only one giggling to myself while I cook, thinking about the mental torment going on in their young little brains. YOU ONLY GET THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE THE FIRST TIME…..ENJOY IT!

I remember the first time I made this….I walked up to my oldest, who was then a lil guy, and said rather somberly….”alright (long pause) it’s ready”. It took him awhile to get to the table that day but when he did….RELIEF, EXCITEMENT, AND A QUIRKY SMILE! 


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