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{Psssst} Cast Iron….Pass It Down!

While many folks pass down their treasured cast iron cookware, often times the vital knowledge of “Proper Cast Iron Care” is lost in translation. This information is just as valuable as the pans themselves. Without the proper care, cast iron cooking is just not enjoyable. You hear others RAVE about their cast iron dishes, while your dishes just stick and provided nothing but tedious cleanup.

So today, I’m taking a stroll down cast iron history and offering up a little advice that will turn you into a cast iron pro. With just a little information, you will be able to grab up those invaluable cast iron pieces at your local thrift stores and garage sales. One man’s trash REALLY can be your treasure!

That rusty dusty cast iron skillet sitting forlorn in the corner of a garage sale….YES GRAB IT!

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Establishing a Rewarding Chore Routine…Printable Chart

I don’t know about you…but those magical little elves never visit my home and complete all my work while I sleep! If you have them, please..I BEG you to send them my way!

A house IS work…sandwich those two words together and ya get HOUSEWORK, also labeled CHORE! There’s just no way to make it sound appealing…ESPECIALLY to children.

However, with a little encouragement and organization, youngsters can become responsible and quite helpful..after a little foot dragging of course 🙂

I admit, there’s still certain chores that I have a hard time turning over the reins on… DISHES- I’m guilty of rewashing after the kids. Laundry- just might forever be a NO NO! I’m sure you have your own list of “I’d rather just do it myself” chores..THAT’S FINE! There are PLENTY of chores that are kid friendly, and the help is always nice. It teaches them to work as part of the family unit, and they begin to develop a greater sense of awareness for what it takes to manage a home.

I still laugh when one of my children clean something and then get disturbed when someone else messes it up!


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Get Gellin and Smellin!

I needed an arts and craft project for my homeschooled nine-year old…not my son’s favorite subject! But when I let him feel like a scientist, it’s crazy fun.

I decided to LITERALLY put fall in the air!

Craft project…CHECK

Mad Scientist…CHECK

House that needs some smelly goods…CHECK

I decided to make jelly jars. Let me show you how fantastically easy these are to make, it’s a perfect project for kids and parents to do together.

P.S. I promised my son I would showcase his hard work on this post…incoming proud momma pics


Jars (mason jars or other assorted jars)

Essential Oils (whatever smells good to your nose)

Food Coloring

4 gelatin packets (I use knox unflavored gelatin)



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~HALT ye grocery budget busters…

How do you fend off those pesky little convenience meals at the grocery store? The ones screaming your name from the aisles…. throwing visions of frazzled nights with not enough time to cook in your face?

You attack it with your best meal plan…halting it dead in its tracks! If I could award a cape and metal of honor to just ONE of my money-saving tips it would for sure be my meal plan. I would be a lost momma without it.

Now to be honest, it does take a little time, and a little getting used to..But in the end, you end up with a tool that helps you save money, helps you create grocery lists, and helps you form a routine for dinner time.

If you’re anything like me….you might LOVE to cook, but sometimes just LOATHE the process of deciding what to make day in and day out! I remember my mother used to say…”I don’t mind cooking, I just wish someone else would tell me what to make each day..then I’d make IT!”

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Fabulous Freebies…A New Addiction

First there were Santas….then came socks, purses, shoes, and “As Seen on Tv” products! All addictions of mine, all valid and explainable (if ya ask me).

Since I have let go of two of these above mentioned addictions, I have told myself that it’s OK, and perhaps normal, to have a new one.

As a stay at home mom, my mantra is…”Cheap is Good- Free is Better” so I reveal to you my latest addiction

{pulling back the curtain}


I admit…I have gone insane for freebies! What’s not to love I ask? In the last 24 hours I have sealed my fate with my beloved postman- he WILL hate me! But for all the samples I have coming to my mailbox, I’m willing to live with it!

I will be rolling in a glorious collection of febreeze, tide, colgate, cologne, makeup, fruit snacks, puppy treats and MORE….Ohhhhh SO MUCH MORE!

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Gadgets…

Multi-tasking is vital in my life…it’s something I practice daily, and I expect no less from my kitchen gadgets! If I am looking to buy something new for my kitchen, it must pass the 3 point inspection:

1.) Is it affordable

2.) Is it a “Multi-Tasker”

3.) Is it durable

Below is a list of common kitchen gadgets that pass the test…. and how to get the most out of them!

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Cheating on Chores

There’s nothing friendly sounding about the word “CHORE”… A chore, is a chore, is a chore….no way to sugar coat it!

However, put down your laundry basket and read on, I’m hoping this will help you out even just a little bit. I have devised my own little routine, which has worked for me even through times of employment. Some of the tips below might sound a little silly, but the chores have to be done one way or the other, so why not give one or all a try!

I make myself a list of all my chores…..get all those dirty little buggers out of your mind and onto a piece of paper or dry erase board. Long ago I made a rule that I would spend no longer than 10 minutes in each room for cleaning purposes on any given day. With the exception of my deep cleaning day of course 🙂

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Fresh, Fast & Fantastic Freshener!

After browsing through many ideas for homemade air fresheners….I have found this combination to be the best! Nice clean smell from the vinegar and a “homey” touch from the vanilla and cinnamon. Will definitely be spraying this before people come over!

1 1/2 cups water

1 cup white vinegar

1 Tbs. vanilla extract

3-4 cinnamon sticks (or a sprinkle of cloves)

Boil the mixture for a few minutes, allow to cool, then strain and pour into a spray bottle. Make sure you shake the bottle each time before using.

P.S. makes your sofa smell delicious


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