Gooseberry Patch Giveaway

It’s that time again….Time for me to acknowledge my fantastic followers with another giveaway!

So here’s how to enter- leave me a comment about your favorite summertime treat. Do you make homemade ice cream? Or take advantage of the fresh fruit by making jams. Tell me about it!

The prize is the “Big Book of Homecooking” from the lovely ladies at Gooseberry Patch. This hardbound book is jam-packed with 450 recipes!

I will announce a randomly pickedΒ winner on July 31st. Dont forget to sign up to follow my website by entering your email on the homepage. It wouldn’t be a lot of fun to win and never know πŸ™‚

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Good Luck,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver



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735 responses to “Gooseberry Patch Giveaway

  1. Joycee

    Favorite summertime treat is Watermelon!! So sweet and refreshing!

    • Annemarie Reyes

      My favorite is Caprese Salad. I love fresh tomatoes,fresh mozzerella cheese and yummy basil from the garden.A little olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar and you are done. YUMMY!

    • Lisa Stifler

      My favorite summer time treat is to freeze bananas and run them through my juicer to make the best banana ice cream. Of I have to then top with homemade chocolate topping and walnuts. Yummmy!!

    • Diana Mooney

      My favorite summertime treat is picking and eating blueberries with my son!

    • lesley

      my favorite summer time treat is fresh strawberries over cheesecake

    • I just made a huge batch of Mirabelle Plum jam, our tree in the backyard produced so much fuit this year. 10 pounds pitted plums plus 7 pounds of sugar came out to 9 and a half jars of the golden deliciousness!

    • sharon johnson

      my best summer treat is strawberry short cake can’t wait till summer to have fresh berry’s

    • Lu Rae Smith

      I love to take advantage of the zucchini for different breads and cakes,etc. I also like to make lots of different things with rhubarb.

    • Lila Selter

      My favorite summertime treat is a big beautiful Key lime Cheese cake that I make every year for the 4th of July. I serve it with iced coffee or home made cherry limeade. It’s a hit every year.

    • My favorite summertime treat is fresh homegrown tomatoes!

    • carla

      corndog at the county fair

    • Sammie Christensen

      Fruit salad with/on pancakes… yummy, filling and not too heavy during the heat waves…

    • Anita Milner

      My favorite summertime treat is fresh tomatoes from the garden!

    • Lisa Coulter

      Homemade ice cream in any flavor of the summer! With so many different fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from at this time of year, the one thing they all have in common is that ANYTHING is good in ice cream!

    • Carol Vaughn

      My Favorite treat is Peaches!

    • Karen Miller

      Fresh Fruit and Salad fixins is always my summer favorite.

    • Rhonda Pedigo

      My favorite summertime treat is watermelon!!! I love the taste and the smell…..and my dad grows them in his garden!!! It is a labor of love for him, this year he had to pack water to them, being very careful not to get water on the leaves… was so hot and dry the leaves would burn if he did. He gave me one yesterday… was DELICIOUS!!!!

    • paula st. pierre

      My favorite summertime treat is using my summer veggies from my garden in
      ways that are outside the box. Green tomato pie tops the list!

    • Ann King

      Love when tomatoes are ready and they just are perfect with a tiny bit of salt

    • Lisa Jones

      My favorite summertime treat is fresh blackberries picked right off the vine. So plump and juicy just wonderful.

    • Sharron K Poe

      I love Goosepatch Cookbooks I have almost all of them. this summer I have made fresh strawberry jam. and have canned 12 quarts of tomatoes and canned 35 jars of tomato juice.

    • My best summertime dish is my homemade Pasta salad. I use tri-color pasta, roasted red peppers, sliced black olives, broccoli florets, chick peas beans, Marinated artichokes sliced. I put out a variety of salad dressings for my guests to pick from. This is always asked for when ever we have a barbeque!!!!!

    • Tina Pacey

      There is nothing better during the summertime than fresh tomatoes out of the garden. A BLT is just not the same any other time of the year.

    • Beverly A. Nichols

      Summer time treats can mean many things to different people. Summer Tea that slowly oozes flavor from papery bags heated by rays of hot sunshine, fresh picked tomatos filled with flavor that no store bought tomato will ever have. The list is endless. Me? I wait for the fruit of the cactus, that grows wild in our pastures, to turn a dark purple for making Prickly Pear Jelly. This year I will attempt to add wine to it and have a bottle sitting on the kithen counter, along with other items, as I prepare for the “prickly” event.

    • Carol Tanner

      I love Summer fruits and vegetables! Peach cobbler, strawberry jam, sangria, salsa, blueberry muffins, watermelon slush etc. I love growing herbs and drying/freezing them for future use.

    • Paula jGood

      We love watermelon/fruit saled with grilled corn and pasta dish…it says SUMMER! Yum

    • Heather

      My summer time go to is fresh fruit in yogurt. It’s quick and easy plus a nice, enjoyable treat for your sweet tooth!

  2. melissa dalton

    I love to make a cucumber salad, with cherry tomatoes, onionis, chickpeas and marinate in fat free italian dressing.

  3. Hi Mrs. Cleaver, my favorite summertime recipe is homemade vanilla bean ice-cream with a fresh strawberry sauce. It’s a perfect summer pairing!

  4. Kay Roberts

    My favorite summertime recipe is Tomato Pie…yummy!

  5. I make homemade salsa with the tomatoes from my parent’s garden.

  6. i absolutely love all of the fresh salads that can be made right from the garden and my all time favorite being a spinach and strawberry salad with a light poppyseed dressing.

  7. Betty

    I love all the fresh fruit and vegetables in the summertime. Especially, the tomatoes! There is so many ways to use this vegetable. My favorite is to can tomatoes so they may be used all winter long for chili, etc.


  8. Merrilee Gladkosky

    Fruit salad….as fruits come into season the mixture changes! Starts out with strawberries and blueberries being the highlight, morphs to melons of all kinds and is now all about the stone fruits! Salad! Yum!

  9. Mitzie Pennycuick

    Pasta salad, fresh green salads, fresh fruit, all topped off with “Sun Tea” on the deck!! Summer breezes…

  10. Michelle

    I love fresh fruits and vegetables.

  11. We like to make anything with fresh berries~~~home-made ice cream,
    shortcakes, cobblers.

  12. Julie H

    Berry or peach cobblers and almost anything made with rhubarb. For mealltimes I love to make a variety of salads with grilled protein..

  13. Bonnie M

    I love fresh tomatoes, corn and fruit!

  14. Patty

    Grilled honey and rosemary chicken and vegetable skewers…delicious. Followed with, homemade shortcakes with fresh triple berries and vanilla whipped cream.

  15. Lloyd Ann

    Banana cake is my favorite…this has 2 layers of cake, sliced bananas, banana pudding and cool whip..all layered together and then refrigerated for at least a couple of hours….It is just so refreshing!

  16. Dian

    I love fresh fruits and vegtables

  17. Meg

    Anything with lemons…Lemon Icebox Pie, Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad, and Lemon Crinkle Cookies are my favorites.

  18. Sadie Smith

    Peach blackberry jelly that we spread on French Toast!

  19. erin lewis

    Definitely homemade ice cream. Orangesicle! 2 liter orange soda and 1 can sweetened condensed milk—yummmmmmm!

  20. Karen

    Love all the fresh fruits and veggies..going to try and make some peach jelly this year!

  21. JEN P

    I love to make kiwi lime jam in the summertime!

  22. Becky Raver

    Fresh Fruit Popsicles!!!!

  23. Alice Palstring

    I enjoy cucumbers and all the fresh produce from the garden.

  24. Teresa Gill

    My favorite summer treat is watermelon, watermelon, and watermelon! I can eat a whole one all by myself!

  25. margie kuykendall

    Blackberry crumble, strawberry shortcake, fried green tomatoes…all wonderful summertime treats

  26. My ALL TIME FAVORITE for summer is making POPS…
    ANY kind of popsicle…
    fresh fruit pops, banana on a stick pops, koolaid in popsicle w/ handles makers… soda in the ice cube trays pops… wine pops ( to keep your wine in a glass chilled)

    AHHHHHH… I love summer πŸ™‚

  27. Hope Buswell

    I love making strawberry/rhubarb jam. I also love cinnamon rolls and blueberry/zucchini bread. Yum!

  28. Amy Allen

    My favorite summer time treat is salad with all the.fresh fixings from the garden.

  29. Hillary

    Fresh fruits, and fruit salads!

  30. I usually, make the ice cream.. But, this year my younger son,16 decided he wanted to give it a try.. completely from scratch.. LOL.. he now swears he is the BEST ice cream maker in the family.. I do have to admit.. He made a wonderful french vanilla ice cream for my oldest’s graduation party last month… Guess, it is time to whip out the churn again and get a new batch goin’.. Does this new cookbook have any good recipes in it to churn up πŸ™‚

  31. Sonia

    I love making fresh fruit pies – Michigan peaches are the best!

  32. Lisa Mcdonald

    I can what I call peach cobbler in a jar, just crack open a jar warm it up and top some ice cream and fast and easy dessert.

  33. staci noel

    I love making caprese salad in the summer

  34. Chrystal S

    My grandma has a homemade ice cream maker that is older then me (over twice my age!). I think 60’s or 70’s. Anyway it still works AMAZING. I love to go over and make the ice cream (and make sure I come back to take it home or it will be gone lol). So soft and the best taste you will ever get!!

  35. My favorite is sweet corn slathered in butter and coated lightly with salt and pepper.

  36. Penny Altman

    I love a honey bun cake with vanilla bean icecream…

  37. Emily

    Stawberry shortcakes! I love them in the summer!

  38. Coreena Hessen

    Love fruit salad, so light and refreshing. With some delicious lemonade πŸ™‚

  39. sandy adams

    I love any fresh fruit.

  40. Tina Lewis

    Love making berry pies All summer! YuM.

  41. carla

    Anything that is straight out of the garden has my vote!

  42. Khriste Close

    My favorite summertime treat is way too simple – just fresh fruit sliced and ready to nibble on….watermelon, strawberries, grapes (frozen)…

  43. Heather

    Definitely Fried Green Tomatoes. They always remind me of the warm summer suppertime.

  44. I go Elderberry “hunting” with my dad and me and my mom make lots of homemade elderberry jelly!

  45. beth Contreras

    I love to make fresh fruit tarts and pies in the summer.

  46. Vicki DiStrito

    I love fried green tomatoes!

  47. Linda White

    Macaroni Pea Salad!

  48. My favorite summer treats are watermelon and fresh cherries πŸ™‚

  49. Julie C.

    I love Ice cream!! I love to make homemade make it yourself sundaes in the summertime with my grandkids!

  50. I love fresh fruit and any thing made with it.

  51. Terri McClelland

    Love all the fresh fruit in the summer. Love making Strawberry Freezer Jam. It tastes so yummy during the cold months.

  52. What I love in the summer is simple fresh fruit in smoothies!

  53. Susan H.

    My favorite summertime treat is fresh home grown tomatoes and fresh corn on the cob.

  54. Eileen Jones

    strawberry jam. I like to find new ways to use it. Unfortunately there is never enough!

  55. Elaine Egeland

    My favorite is strawberry rhubarb pie, with ice cream of course!

  56. Susan

    Cave City Watermelons, so accessable here in the summer. Love them!

  57. Rose Marie

    Anything with pumpkin.

  58. Doreen

    Anything with strawberries. All fresh fruit. And peach cobbler.

  59. Suzi Berger

    Fresh peach pie with homemade whipped topping–yummmmmmm!!!

  60. It would have to be homemade ice cream – some of my favorite childhood memories. Even more special to me since we lost Daddy. We sure had great fun too.

  61. Jan

    our favorite summertime treat is fresh tomatoes picked straight from the garden and this year we have been blessed with enough to have some every day and share a few with friends!

  62. Linda Morin

    Strawberries, just plain, with ice cream, shortcake, on pancakes or waffles.

  63. Fresh Strawberry Short Cakes, they are a perfect treat in this summer time heat. Topped with whipped cream and strawberry glaze! It’s always a hit, and never any left overs!!

  64. We go peach and/or strawberry picking every year and make a complete dinner using our bounty. This year I made peach lemonade, peach salsa, peach barbecue sauce, peach salad and a peach crisp! Great fun and great memories

  65. Marcia Harter

    Peach Pie or Peach Crisp made with Texas Hill Country Peaches! YUM!

  66. Deborah

    Fried green tomatoes and fried zucchini fresh out of the garden!!! Yummy!!! πŸ™‚

  67. Stormy

    I must say my all-time favorite summertime treat would have to be watermelon! Nothing beats that cold, crisp, juicy, sweet melon πŸ™‚ Gee, I’ve talked myself into a craving … Thanks for offering this fabulous give-away. I’d love to own this book!

  68. Gloria Richards


  69. sally

    like to grill fish in alumimun foil with herbes, lemon and olive oil.

  70. Leigh

    I just enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. YUM!

  71. I love any and all fresh fruits, grilled suppers, and a cold strawberry margarita πŸ™‚

  72. mary b

    I love a good Caprese salad in the summer time, with fresh tomatoes and basil.

  73. Carmen

    I love frozen grapes :o)

  74. JoEllen

    I love fresh sliced zuchinni, baked and topped with cheese and a fresh tomato! YUMMY!!

  75. Leslie White

    I make a wonderful potato salad with new potatoes, fresh carrots, purple onion, chopped boiled eggs, pickle relish all in a fresh homemade mayo dressing.

  76. Betty Vereen Hill

    My very favorite summertime treat is homemade, freshly churned peach ice cream. To die for!!

  77. Sue Roberson

    My favorite summer time treat is roasted corn on the cob! Brings back so many memories of going to get corn with my father-in-law. Add a little butter and parmesan cheese and it is delicious!

  78. Sue

    I have my own strawberry patch and freeze them so I can enjoy year round…………in summer we make strawberry smoothies, strawberry pie and short cake, we put strawberries on our cereal and other things. strawberries are a great summer treat for us!

  79. Dawn

    Anything made with the tomatoes from my yarden!!!! :o)

  80. I don’t have just one favorite summertime treat…I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables, and as many have already said, especially the tomatoes! Also the melons are so much better in the summer! And I also enjoy making homemade ice cream.

  81. Pat M

    Homemade ice cream…the epitomy of summer!

  82. Amy Martin

    Daddy and the children make the best homemade fresh Bluberry Lemon Pancakes! They are delicious any time of day!! And also fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!!

  83. I love home-made ice cream; peach best of all!!!

  84. Tina

    I love blackberries. They grow right out my kitchen door so they are always fresh. I love making muffins or pancakes or just picking off the branch.

  85. Stacey J.

    Homemade cherry pies.

  86. Sliced homegrown tomatoes with cucumbers and green peppers (all home grown)-who cares what else is for supper!

  87. Joan Cannon

    Love fresh berries off the vine in a bowl of cereal for breakfast or a late night snack.

  88. Candi Wood

    making apple pie jam and canning alote from the garden and hanig out with friends

  89. Vickie Wylie

    I love the pasta salads. I make some with just onions tomatoes and cucumbers or with mayo and crab meat. I just add what ever is cool and delicous.

  90. Eleanor S. Smith

    Our favorite thing to do when strawberries are in season is to make Strawberry Freezer Jam .We make alot so we can give a jar to all of our Family. Also,we have a pretty good sized garden,so we can vegetables to have through the winter.Also enjoy all of it through the summer.

  91. Samantha Clark

    I love to make my homemade strawberry shortcake. it is my husbands favorite dessert that i make..and my daughters is my fruit salad..

  92. Karen Sebor

    I wait for summer & sunshine all winter long to be able to make “Sunshine Tea” in a beautiful glass pitcher and add our spearmint growing in our garden for extra-special flavor!! Thanks for the opportunity to “share”! ~~karen~

  93. Justina DaCruz

    I make homemade Cherry Jam and I absolutely love tomato season I make homemade sauce and then can it.

  94. Pam Whalen

    Nothing says Summertime more than fresh Corn on the Cob, Watermelon, and making Tomato Preserves, MmmmmMmmmm!!!

  95. My favorite this in summer is: Anything Strawberry!! Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie.

  96. Diane Kozak

    Love grilling fresh veggies & fruit on the grill. Corn on the cob, peaches & kabobs just to name a few.

  97. Kristi McDowell

    I love to make fruit slushies for everyone, they are so re-freshing in this heat… fruit juice and sliced fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, bananas, blueberries cherries etc.) mixed with sprite or 7-up freeze in small solo cups take out of freezer when slightly slushy or let them sit out for a little bit and eat with spoon SO ENJOYABLE!!!

  98. I love to use fresh veggies out of my garden and marinate heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and avocado in Bernsteins Cheesy Italian dressing. Yum!

  99. Lori Silverman

    I usually make brownies in a cookie sheet and then slice them and put ice cream in the middle to make brownie ice cream sandwiches. They are a big hit.

  100. jula

    I love cherries they go on so many things as topping or just by them selves

  101. I love eating watermelon with my granddaughter that is four year old, she tell me that this so good. And can i eat it all up. I tell her if u can.

  102. Trude Sperry

    Frozen coffee drinks really hit the spot in the summertime!

  103. Tina

    Summer…is good for melons…and ice cream…together! Or rootbeer floats…BBQ anything…

  104. blackberry clobber top with ice cream or whip cream!!!!!!

  105. Fresh fried corn, white runner green beans, and fresh tomatoes with cornbread!

  106. Crystal

    During the summer I love all the fresh fruit and vegtables and put as many up as I can so during the winter I still have the love of fresh items at all time.Between flash chilling fruit to can items.

  107. stephanie136

    Every year we go peach or strawberry picking and make dinner from start to finish with our bounty. This year I made peach lemonade, peach salsa, peach barbecue sauce, peach salad followed by a peach crisp. Amazing, delicious days of summer!

  108. Summertime is the best time for gathering the grandchildren and showing them how to make homemade ice cream, freezer pops and smoothies with berries from Grandma’s back yard. FUN FUN!!!

  109. Brenda

    I love picking blackberries with my grand kids and how excited they get watching me make them a blackberry cobbler…..which they love!

  110. Janet McDonald

    I can tons of Jams and Jellies.. Salsa… tomatoes,, peaches.. green beans… I love summer!

  111. Ginny

    Hi Mrs.Cleaver: I love my homemade pickles from the cucumbers right out of my husband’s garden – they are sitting in my fridg right now. They are so simple to make and I just love doing them even at my age (78).

  112. Tricia Schmidt

    I like to make Sangrias with all the fresh fruit! Each batch comes out differently depending on the fruit and/or wine used! Lemonade can be made more exciting with fruit additions too! It all looks so pretty and summery!

  113. Chris Pakuszewski

    My favorite is locally grown sweet corn, cantelope, watermellon, green beans, blueberries, peaches, I could go on and on! I just love summer and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy all the fresh vegetables and fruit during this season!

  114. Gretchen Gosche

    Fresh fruit cobblers.

  115. Megan Elliott

    Fruit salad and “the big salad” with produce from the farmers market.

  116. I love fresh blackberry pie and corn on the cob!

  117. Dana Rowan

    Hi! I would LOVE to win that cookbook! : ) The cover alone looks divine.

    Each summer, I take advantage of all the tasty, locally-grown fruits around my hometown of Spokane, Washington. Starting in June, I head up to Greenbluff (a local bluff with 40+ farms) and pick strawberries. I make tons and tons of freezer jam to use and give as gifts throughout the year. We have fresh strawberry shortcake when I get tired of jam! : ) THEN, once the raspberries come on in my yard, I make traditional freezer jam, seedless jam, and a delicious raspberry fruit leather in my food dehydrator. Later, I head back up to Greenbluff for Bing cherries and in August, fresh peaches to can. I can these and then give them to my parents for their birthdays and Christmas since they are ridiculously hard to buy for. We eat our fill of all of it as we prepare it into jams and canning jars. It’s too good and fresh to pass up, plus we love to pick the fruit as a family….so many good times up on the farm!

  118. Crystal

    My favorite summertime treat is fresh fruit salad!

  119. Joanna Walker

    My summer time treat is fresh green beans & new potatoes, corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes & cucumbers. All that summer time freshness in one meal!Then if I have room for dessert, fresh watermelon or peach cobbler. I’m feeling full already.

  120. I just made the most delish Cherry Crisp – found the recipe online and the crisp part includes pecans. Mmmm, so incredibly good.

  121. My favorite summer time meal is Zucchini Spaghetti. It doesn’t just have zucchini, there’s also summer squash, onion, bacon, tomatoes and after all has finished a generous sprinkle of parmesan/romano cheese. Oh my my mouth is watering right now.

  122. The best summer treats are those that I can can. Canning keeps me grounded and happy with the world. I live to can for my family and friends!

  123. Homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt with fresh berries on top, and ice cold home-brewed sweet tea! πŸ™‚

  124. Pam Robinson

    love to make peachy peach ice cream it is a summer ritual. and raspberry jelly followed by strawberry jam and last blackberry jam… YUMMMMY

  125. Linda Trombley

    Love to make fresh blackberry cobber.

  126. I love to make homemade salsa from fresh tomatoes from our garden.

  127. picking blueberries in NY was not favorite thing as a kid, but now that it is summer, and I am all grown up and now live in Florida, I miss it. We froze ours for winter. So as far as summer treats, oh yes fresh blueberries for blueberry dumplings.

  128. Love all of the fresh berries, freezer jam is so easy & delicious.

  129. Sue Gardner

    My favorite in the summer is homemade coconut ice cream on top of grilled pineapple slices mmmmmmmm πŸ™‚

  130. Shirley Moench

    Favorite summertime treat is an Angel Hair Pasta Salad with fresh veggies from the garden!

  131. Charlotte

    Hard to pick from fresh homegrown tomatoes or fresh peach ice cream. Summer eating is best when you don’t have to turn on a stove to enjoy it.

  132. I love making Strawberry Upside Down Cake. Fresh berries are the best.

  133. Diane Price

    Corn on the cob dripping with butter! πŸ™‚

  134. Emma

    I have been making peach smoothies.

  135. Julie Barns

    My favorite summer time treat is as simple as sliced cucumber and onions in vinegar.

  136. Kitty Mercy

    Have to say it the fresh fruit to make jams and jellys, as well to eat. Nothing beats fresh fruit and veg’s! Plus I have saved soooo much money making my own, haven’t bought it in 20+ yrs. (-:

  137. Tonya Mullins

    Watermelon, Chilton Co Peaches, any fresh fruit will do…

  138. Sue

    Home made raspberry sherbet, is my favorite summertime treat.

  139. Blackberry cobbler and homemade vanilla ice cream. My husband will do anything around the house if I promise him that I’ll make some!

  140. Cindy DK

    Fresh peaches peeled simmered in simple syrup with a little cinnamon over vanilla ice cream, don’t forget the candied pralines :~)

  141. jenifer

    The kids and I love making apple bread!

  142. Favorite Summertime Treat – definitely all the fresh fruits and veggies you get at local farmer’s markets.

  143. gerry gollwitzer

    Fresh berries, melon, and veggies along with Sourwood Honey in a wide array of mixes.

  144. Nancy

    Favorite summertime treat is watermelon especially the homegrown from my son-in-law Mike’s garden.

  145. VIctoria Landry

    White Summer Sangria! White wine, apricot brandy, fresca and sliced peaches, strawberries and grapes. Looks and tastes fabulous!!

  146. Kimberly Smick

    I love fresh fruit salads in the summer!! Best treat ever!!

  147. Deb

    Love all the resh summer fruits! My grandson will only eat Grannies raspberry jelly!

  148. Love corn on the cob, watermelon, vine ripe tomatoes, peaches….so many good things!!

  149. Linda Rozakis

    I just love making jams and preserves with all the fresh fruit available in the summertime. My favorite is a combination blueberry/raspberry preserve. It reminds me of my grandmother who would put up what we grew in our garden when I was a little girl. She made the best Polish dill pickles and sauerkraut among other things. I smile inside when I’m canning because it makes me think of her.

  150. debbie carter

    My favorite summer time recipe is called summer pies made with graham cracker crust, coolwhip, crushed pineapple and chopped cheeries

  151. Becky Andrews

    My favorite summer time treat are fresh peas out of the garden. I have to say while reading everyones comments I am going to have to try some new stuff. They all sound wonderful.

  152. Misty Riley

    I love to make wilted lettuce using hot bacon dressing.

  153. We have TONS of tomatoes in our garden, and peppers πŸ™‚ LOVE to make fresh salsa!!!

  154. There is nothing i dont like,I love to eat everthing

  155. Suzanne Ramey

    My favorite summer time treat is ice cream but I haven’t tried making my own yet

  156. Brenda D

    My favorite is blueberries. Cake, cobbler, cupcakes, jam, all of it !!!

  157. Judy Springsteen

    I have to say that my favorite treat to make is a cheesecake recipe that I got from mom and continue making now that she has passed on. It is a light no bake cheesecake made with lemon jello and milnot. Everyone asks me to make it at least twice if not more. So delicious with a glass of sweet tea.

  158. Christina Blair

    I love all the fresh fruits and veggies….so many ways to enjoy!

  159. lana turner

    Some of my best memories is of me watching my grandma rob a beehive. It was the best honey ever! She would make me my favorite snack a honey sandwich. Just white bread and honey. It still my favorite snack to this day! Very great memories!!!

    • lana turner

      And I forgot pecans. My grandparents had pecan trees and I remember during the winter time they would sit in the basement infront of the old woodstove and crack them and put them in containers and freeze them so we could have a yummy cold snack during the summer!

  160. watermelon ice cream and fresh water melon

  161. Joe Deater

    Anuthing I can cook on the grill, from toasted bread to fruits and vegies to any kind of meat.

  162. Farry Owens

    We absolutely love green beans, new potatoes, fried green tomatoes, cornbread and homemade cookies..all on the porch.. Love, love summer. Hope to win the book so maybe I can fix some different yummies… Thanks!

  163. I just love experimenting with new recipes with any fresh fruits or veggies I find at the Farmers Market! Nothing more fun than picking them out of a new cookbook!

  164. Patricia Miller

    Strawberry Lemonade! Just wouldn’t be summer without it!!

  165. Barb Faley

    I love making an Oreo Ice Cream Pie. When you cut a piece you can either chocolate or carmel topping over it and it tastes great!!

  166. Tina Lehmann

    My favorite summertime food is homemade strawberry ice cream. πŸ™‚

  167. Jennifer Boudreaux

    My favorite summertime treat is definitely a good New Orleans snoball! Not a snow cone, but a nice soft ice snoball! Best refresher in this southern Louisiana heat!

  168. debra

    corn on the cob and sliced fresh tomatoes

  169. Amy J Weeks

    Fruit cobblers and crisps (a la mode!) with fresh seasonal fruits πŸ™‚

  170. Susan

    Green Corn Tamales with the fresh corn.

  171. Missy W.

    I love to take fresh peaches or plums and cherries and arrange them sliced on a pie crust, sprinkle with sugar and drizzle with orange blossom honey. Fold the edges in 1/2 way to the center and bake. It is wonderful with homemade vanilla ice cream.

  172. Bonnie Hummel

    My VERY favorite summer is peach kuchen!!! It is positively delicious@!!!

  173. Denise

    I Love to make Raspberry Jam or Tri-Berry jam using frsh picked raspberries, blueberries and Strawberries ofr a fresh raspberry pie for a summertime treat!

  174. actually i have 2 summer treats , although one can be made year around … but its soo good when it is so hot outside . first and formost is my mothers cold sour cherry soup , you can really only make it , when the ssosur cherries are in season . as ids we used to go cherry picking for money , and my mother always made this soup when we had extras . second is my mothers blueberry soup with dumplings . my mother came from an area of east prussia , that now belongs to russia . i believe this is a reginal recipie as i have never seen it in any of my german cookbooks . this soup is sooo good ! i do can , stock up and cook , but these are some of my summer favorites .

  175. joanne

    We make jello with fresh fruit and mix ice cream into hot jello

  176. Paula

    salads…all kinds…and cold!!!!

  177. Nicky

    My fav summertime treat has to be anything made from the garden. Especially love salsa..

  178. Bethany

    Corn-on-the-cob is definitely my favorite!!

  179. Lona Pitts

    Fresh tomatoes to make blt’s. Love cucumbers any way you can get them, especially pasta salad.

  180. Toni Stanton

    In the summer I can live on homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers! Mmmmmm!

  181. Julie

    I love homemade strawberry pie. Yum!

  182. HI THERE !!!

    My favorite summer time treat is my spinach salad I love to make. With lot’s of fresh spinach and fresh picked strawberries I have the base for a GOOD salad. I add glazed pecans and craisins and top it off with poppy seed dressing ! Perfect summer time snack or meal.

  183. Dana Johnson

    My favorite summertime recipe is my mother inlaws homemade tuna salad!!

  184. Debbie Howell

    Fresh peach cobbler, peach ice cream, and peach preserves…can you tell we love fresh peaches in the summer….after all, I am a Georgia Girl! :O)

  185. Jessica Olejniczak

    S’mores while camping

  186. Debbie Roberts

    im usually canning and gardening all summer long. Love fresh watermelon and ice tea year round. I’m from the south so of course i like anything bbq’d also.

  187. Tami

    I love to make fresh sun tea!!

  188. RuthAnn

    Caprese Salad made with fresh buffalo mozzarella, beefsteak tomatoes and basil from our garden. Can be made anytime thru the year, but oh the fresh tomato…..makes it offical!

  189. Diana Tourtillott

    I love to make coffee punch. It’s made with strong coffee, milk, sugar, vanilla, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. Very refreshing and a favorite of my family and friends.

  190. cheryl lamar

    I have two summertime things that i like, one is to make Peach or Apricot Jam and then of course there is the eating it.. We like to eat it on top of homemade vanilla icecream…,,..YUMMMMM

  191. Fresh peach cobbler, to die for!!

  192. I love to have a fresh spinach salad and use the abundance of fresh strawberries. I love to add glazed pecans and craisins to my salad and top if off with poppy seed dressing ! Perfect for lunch or a meal.

  193. Ronda Segassie

    Homemade ice cream or watermelon!!!

  194. Elizabeth

    Love the fresh veg’s and fruit that you can find in the local farmers markets this time of the year.

  195. Ice cream with any fresh fruit

  196. Nancy

    My favorite summer treat is warmed from the sun tomatos sliced into a sandwich on a good artisan type bread ! Doesn’t get any better than that !!

  197. Jennifer

    My Favorite Summertime Treat is a watermelon slushie. That my mom makes when my hubby, our son’s and I go visit her in Arizona.

  198. Sheila

    Fried green tomatoes!

  199. Lindsey Magnus

    I love making jams… But sweets are my favorite! Anything fruit and chocolate. πŸ™‚

  200. Little1 baker

    I love to make berry smoothies with all the berries in sweetest in the summer season. I put my berries and a mango in the freezer a couple hours or overnight. When I’m ready for my fruit smoothie, I put it all in blender with a splash of orange juice and voila!

  201. Cheryl Lynne

    I love making strawberry and blueberry pies.

  202. Cindy Hopkins

    I love to get ice cream at the local ice cream shops that are only open in the summertime!

  203. Kimberly Johnsen

    Fruit smoothies for breakfast…some no-cook dish for later (salad of some kind!)

  204. Denise Mackey

    It is really hard to pick a favorite but I love strawberries and peaches. I also love Popsicles.

  205. Rhonda Key

    Making homemade ice cream with homemade caramel syrup. Yum!

  206. Joanie

    I LOVE all the fresh veggies of summer. I am presently making a squash casserole and we eat fresh cukes & tomatoes almost daily. LOVE summer corn on the cob with butter and Maple Garlic Pepper (sold at our local farmers market).

  207. Sonya

    I love fresh local sweet corn smothered in butter and salt, juicy peaches, and ripe tomatoes. All make my summer special!

  208. Jackie Wolinski

    I fell in love with a “name brand” ice cream that had chocolate covered almonds, but was way too expensive, so now during the summer (in fact all year round) I make my own “Swiss Almond Vanilla” ice cream.

  209. Kim Herrman

    Homemade salsa with fresh tomatoes & onions. Cucumbers peeled & sliced with a little pepper. Home grown veggies are the best!!!! Those are my summertime treats

  210. Tina

    corn on the cob,fruit smoothies.strawberry pie,homemade ice cream,fruit cobblers…..

  211. linda turske

    anything with blueberries!

  212. Janna Walker

    Growing up we use to have family cookouts, and every one would bring a different side dish or a freezer of homemade ice cream .. GOODTIMES !

  213. Darleen

    Every year we plant a garden and we, can and pickle the bounty that we grow. my favorite are the dilly beans yummy!

  214. I love grilling all the delicious fresh summer veggies, and plan on making some strawberry jam very soon!

  215. Rachel Buttaccio

    I love blueberry pie and strawberry shortcake, both made with fresh berries. Actually, anything with berries is good, and my picky husband loves them!

  216. Melissa Dommert

    We love old-fashioned ice cream but here is Texas it so hot sometimes nothing seems better than icy, cold watermelon! Please enter me to win!

  217. Kandy

    A supper full of garden vegetables and cornbread and sweet tea! That is what I love about summer!

  218. Libby

    I enjoy making homemade shortcakes and slicing fresh picked strawberries to put on top. They are great served with a little milk on the shortcake and whip cream if desired! Very good!

  219. Maria Allen

    i always loved canning fresh made pizza sauce, it would last us thru to the next summer, and also making strawberry and raspberry jams too! sadly i dont have a garden to do that anymore, so i make strawberry shortcake in season and tomato, mozzerella and basil salads! still great! but nothing to look forward to in the winter months!

  220. Jenny martin

    Watermelon all the way–it is my favorite summertime treat!

  221. Nancy Hinkle

    My favorite summertime foods are all the fresh veggies and fruit.. Tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, you name it…. love it

  222. Jenn

    Lemon ices!!! Watermelon – yummy!!!!!

  223. Monica

    I love making desserts with fresh fruit! Berries, peaches, plums – you name it! Yum!

  224. I love any of the summertime fruits but I love a fresh peach cobbler

  225. Kathy Stahlman

    I love the fresh fruits and veggies from the local farmers market.

  226. Kirsten

    My favorite treat is cantaloupe. It’s so sweet and juicy in the summertime.

  227. In a gallon jar combine: 1 can frozen Lemonade, 1 can frozen grape juice, 4 cans [total] water (using the emply juice cans as measures). 2 12oz cans of lemon-lime soda. Mix together and pour over ice. Sooooo Refreshing on a hot summer’s day!
    PS – Love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!

  228. Gwen

    Summertime is a time for grilling and Mom’s old fashioned baked beans. Pulled pork sandwiches, roasted corn on the cob, grilled veggies, and a fresh triple berry cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. The kids love the same homemade vanilla ice cream in root beer floats….perfect for those lazy afternoon’s in the sun. Your cookbook would be an inspiration…a way to try all the fabulous recipes it has inside. πŸ™‚

  229. just being able to spend time with family and friends and not worry so much about school and activities…I would love to make ice cream and jam, but just not there yet…

  230. I simply love watermelon all year long and strawberries anytime!!!

  231. Connie Saunders

    I love summer and homemade ice cream!!

  232. Diane Pierce

    A pot of fresh steamed veggies!

  233. Tracy Wolfe

    I love roaming the local farm markets for fresh fruits and vegetables. That is my summer treat!

  234. Carole Brown

    Use fresh anytime I can. Love fresh corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, etc. Also love anything Gooseberry.

  235. Kedith Blair

    I love all the fresh garden veggies including watermelon and canteloupe.

  236. Sheila Machen

    we make a fruit sorbet using fresh fruits that we can get. So yummy.

  237. Rebecca Cobbs

    My favorite summer treat is making zucchini bread with fresh zucchini from the garden! Nothing beats it! Yum! πŸ™‚

  238. Crystal Jo

    My favorite summer time treats are homemade ice creams and shorbets. I have a quick freezing ice cream maker. I love playing with flavor combinations. I recently made a great ice cream with coconut milk. It was too good! Thanks for a chance to win!

  239. Deb

    I make peach jam every year….and I love cobblers peach or plum

  240. Susan Sonderfan

    My favorite summertime treat is a steak barbecued on the grill with grilled sweet corn and potato and/or mac salad with a fresh fruit salad for dessert. Oh so good.

  241. Jane

    Favorite summer foods: Anything on the grill, especially corn on the cob. Homemade Lemonade / Iced tea, and watermelon

  242. Wendy Reinholz

    Fresh tomato salsa made my husband’s co-workers fall in love with me ;)! I love making jams and jellies — triple berry, herb jelly, raspberry blackberry jalapeno. Plain old homemade vanilla makes the best brandy alexanders!!!

  243. Jackie in TX

    Snow cones!!!!!!

  244. Anita

    My favorite sumertime treat is watermelon. I love to make a watermelon salad usung watermelon, cantaloupe, fresh blueberries, strawberries dressed with a mayo dressing. YUM

  245. Johann

    I love homemade fresh fruit pies or cobblers, especially peach and blueberry. Then there’s the fresh corn, tomatoes, peppers etc. etc. Love it all!

  246. Nancy

    Fresh mixed fruit salad! Drizzle with local honey and it’s dessert!

  247. kelly houston

    I love making home made ice cream!

  248. Karina Burrows

    Lemonade slushies! Great refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Fresh lemon juice, sugar, water, and ice in a blender. πŸ™‚

  249. Donna Welch

    Absolutely L-O-V-E anything with fresh fruit in season!! Always searching for new recipes for the seasons!

  250. Tandy Overstreet

    I love the fresh ingredients to make homemade salsa…I look forward to making it every year:) I also love the fact that my family gets to eat fresh food out of the garden everyday:)

  251. Paula Kemp

    Cantaloupe, homemade ice cream, all fresh veggies and fruits..

  252. Catherine Sims

    I love summer fruits, theycool you down as well as taste great.

  253. Dora Hastings

    My favorite summertime treat . . . tomatoes still warm out of the garden, fresh strawberries, peaches and watermelon, and taking advantage of my husband’s willingness to grill . . . juicy burgers with those fresh-picked tomatoes. πŸ˜‰

  254. My favorite for the summer is sharing my fresh picked strawberries with my family and making good old fashion strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream.

    Barbara Cebula

  255. Beverley Williams

    My favorite summertime treat is lemonade pie.

  256. Kelly Edwards

    My favorite summertime treat is a fresh from the garden tomato sandwich. I could eat them all day long.

  257. Ahhhhh, frozen cherry lime-aids.

  258. Corinne Nicolette

    I love fresh rhubarb to make rhubarb cream pie and strawberry rhubarb pie as well as homemade strawberry rhubarb jam!!!

    • shannon brown

      I love rhubarb too! I grew up in Il and enjoyed many treats made with it, but now I live in the south and can not get any……

  259. We love peach cobbler, homemade ice cream,, veggies fresh from the plant. Yum, yum. It’s all good.

  260. Peggy Gibbons

    My favorite summer foods don’t require cooking. I love watermelon and cantaloupe and homegrown tomatoes. I could eat them every day and not get tired of them.

  261. Ida

    I love fresh peaches from one of our local orchards! White peaches are the best!!

  262. My favorite summer time things are veggies, watermelon, etc!

  263. watermelon, fresh veggies from the garden… and who doesn’t love a DQ blizzard!!! πŸ™‚

  264. Deana Hansford

    Please enter me in the give away contest

  265. Heather Olsen

    Have to say I love my mother-in-laws cinnamon pickles πŸ™‚

  266. Nyssa

    I love black raspberries. When I was young my grandmother used to make an amazing sweet black raspberry custard pie. We haven’t found her recipe, but I’m still looking πŸ™‚

  267. Beth Davis

    Cold sweet watermelon and cantaloupe mixed together is a hot day treat. Sweet corn is delicious this year also. I have canned some green beans also this year.

  268. jj9358

    I love to make fresh blackberry cobbler for a summer time treat!

  269. R Mumm

    I love to make fresh fruit crisp – peach, cherry, strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry, apple – absolutely wonderful!

  270. Debbra Carrick

    I love to make blueberry pies in the summer.

  271. shannon brown

    I love summer time fresh tomatoes! Our favorite way to have them are BLTs…. I love making homemade marinara sauc to freeze for winter, but we end up eating it as fast as I can make it! LOL!!!

    • shannon brown

      We love fresh tomatoes….. BLTs are a favorite around here. I also love to make marinara sauce in my crockpot. I would love to make enough to freeze but we always end up eating it all! LOL!!!!!

  272. April

    My favorite summertime treats that I look forward to are corn, tomatoes, watermelon, and peaches!

  273. ROSIE

    well i would say there is nothing better then grillin out with ribs or sauages…corn on the cobb,,buttered and seasoned and grilled……and fresh vegies wrapped in foil with butter,,,,and of course allll the fixens to go with a great summer day……

  274. Linda Clement

    I love a nice cold fruit salad on a hot day. Watermelon is a must!!

  275. I love to make fresh fruit pies with crust from scratch and a crumb topping! My favorites are triple berry with strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries; apple-pear or apple peach and my number 1 fav is fresh peach pie. I think I need to go to the farmer’s market now and buy some peaches!! :- )

  276. marilyn clint

    Love all the fresh vegetables out of the garden, like zucchini to make bread and nummy chocolate brownies with them!

  277. Teresa Coffey

    Nothing better than fresh homemade lemonade on a hot summer day!

  278. Cindie Oliver

    Love fresh tomatoes, all types of berries. Enjoy making pies, blackberry, raspberry & strawberry jam, & baking fresh fruit cobblers.

  279. My favorite meal is fresh corn on the cob, baked potato & cucumber, tomato and onion salad.

  280. Jenny

    I love strawberries fresh picked from our strawberry patch!! Yummy!

  281. Claudia Hopkins

    Homegrown cantaloupe- nothing is sweeter.

  282. Debbie

    Nothing says summer to me more than fresh garden tomatoes and watermelon!!

  283. Carol Yemola

    My favorite summertime treat is an ice cold fruit salad with watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, blueberries, and strawberries. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I’m in Heaven!!!

  284. Sandra

    we always make home made ice cream for hubby’s birthday, and this year was his big 50!

  285. Janice

    Mint iced tea and a back porch swing!!!

  286. Linda Petty

    I love summer fresh peaches!! Nothing better than a green salad with peaches, baked peaches topped with ice cream, peach cobbler/pie/shortcake, peach salsa, and cold peach soup.

  287. Sara B

    I love making smoothies or getting fresh strawberries and having some angel food cake and whip cream! Watermelon is another favorite as well πŸ™‚

  288. Donna Snell

    My favorite thing about summer is preparing meals and treats over the campfire…

  289. Tina B

    My favorite summer time recipe is Heavenly Hash it was a recipe my grandmother made and I still enjoy to this day.

  290. melissa

    I love homemade ice cream and grilling out on the grill. I like making different favors of hamburger that I come up with.

  291. My favorite is Fresh Tomato BLT’s and Rhubarb custard style pie!

  292. Erin @ My Mommy World

    Definitely watermelon!

  293. Cindy

    Summer time is the time to enjoy all the fresh fruits and vegetables we either grow or get from our local farms. Nothing is better than fresh corn, okra, green bean, squash, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupes, and peas-just to name a few of my favorites. A meal of creamed corn, fried okra, green beans, sliced tomatoes, and cantaloupe-what could be better; well you could top it off with some peach cobbler or peach ice cream!

  294. Linda Lopez

    Peaches, cobbler, crisps, smoothies. Yummy!

  295. Donna Riddle

    Love all the fresh fruits & vegetables that summer offers.

  296. Cindy

    Ice cold watermelon for sure!!

  297. Stephanie Monroe

    We love to eat salads in the summer. One of our favorites is: Romaine lettuce, sliced fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, feta cheese, green onions, pine nuts with raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing.

  298. Tonya

    Homemade Popsicles!

  299. My favorite thing about summer is all the fresh vegetables ready to eat from the vine. Salads, snacks, and even for preserving for the winter make this the best time of year to indulge in good things from our farmers.

  300. sheryl shank

    Cucumber and tomato salad…also fresh green beans and potatoes with ham.

  301. kim

    I like making blackberry pie and cobbler. I also like making stuffed peppers with the peppers i raise in my garden.

  302. Lori Jodoin

    I love to make strawberry jame with berries while the are in season. The color is so vibrant in the jar.

  303. Peggy McCarty

    I really use the slow cooker a lot in the summer — it doesn’t heat up the house like the oven. I have great recipes for everything from soups, to meats, desserts, candy and jellies/jams. The family enjoys the results and the house is much cooler.

  304. LynnDee Bradley

    Homemade ice cream with homemade peanut butter–ahh heaven

  305. Nancy

    All the fresh juicy fruits and veggies and going out to the farmers market to get them.

  306. Jeanne

    I love watermelon, strawberry jam, homemade potato salad, homemade ice cream are some of my favorite summer foods.

  307. LeAnne Ackles

    How can I choose just 1 favorite?……Well I would have to say juicy ripe watermelon, freeze it to make granita, or watermelon lemonade….YUM!!!!

  308. angela hershberger

    One of my favorite summer dishes to make is my Grandmother’s homemade Coconut cream pie! It took a long time to get the recipe just right with her pinch of this and dash of that..but it always turned out Perfect!

  309. Lisa Bolon

    My very favorite is making sure my family is enjoying our time together eating watermelon,& cooking together !!! Grillin is great.But most of all I enjoy the picnics with my church family !!!!

  310. bonnie massicotte

    being in Minnesota the fresh fruits and vegetables are always to look forward to..then we can as much of that freshness for winter.

  311. Darla Spring

    My favorite summer treat is a fresh tomato sandwich. Start with bread or bun (my fav is cracked wheat bread) spread with butter and one large thick slice of fresh, red, juicy tomato. Top with a slice of your favorite cheese and fresh leaf lettuce if you have it. Cover with more buttered bread after salting andpeppering to taste. YUM!

  312. Sun warmed tomatoes with a little salt, fresh off the vine. Mixed greens picked right before supper for the best salad every. Zuchini on the grill with a little bit of fresh herbs sprinkled on it

  313. Cheryl Mays

    Fruit crisps!

  314. ML Carter

    My all time favorite summer treat–tomato, colby cheese, saltines, stack it up and enjoy! Yum!

  315. Jane Reeves

    All the fresh fruits and vegetables.

  316. My favorite summertime treat is homemade banana ice cream! It’s not like most banana flavorings! It is real bananas! Delicious!

  317. Rachel Weber

    Homemade fruit pies, made with fresh picked berries, cherries or apples! Plus, they MUST be eated warm and MUST be topped with vanilla ice cream! YUMMY! I want one right now!

  318. Amanda Kunstman

    My favorite summer time treat would have to be S’mores… I just recently found a recipe for S’mores cookies that is awesome… And another for S’mores bread that I want to try also…

  319. Paulette Coleman

    My favorite summer time treat is ice tea with Watermellon juice (and pulp) added and chilled to almost ice! Paulette Coleman July 25, 2012 5:11 PM

  320. Julee A

    I love, love to pick blueberries and make cobblers. I also enjoy using our new grill!

  321. denise staniec

    making anything with vegetables from the garden……..especially tomatoes……!!!!

  322. Cheryl Stachera

    We have a wonderful family tradition of living fresh summer fruit and putting it in the home made hand franked ice cream! Best strawberry ice cream ever!

  323. Carron Smith

    I love to make homemade spagetti sauce and can it from our home grown tomatoes as well as make jams and jellies from fresh summer fruit.

  324. fresh peaches, sliced over toasted pound cake, whipped cream, yummmm

  325. eve

    Favorite summertime treat…Fresh Homemade Peach Cobbler! With vanilla bean icecream and a dollop of caramel sauce!! YUMMY GOODNESS!! : )

  326. Tisha Cleveland

    My favorite summer treat is a tomato sandwich followed by homemade vanilla ice cream.

  327. Carole Akers

    All the fresh veggies from the garden!!!

  328. My neighbor has a cherry tree which we get to pick the cherries from. I make jelly. I return the favor to him with a jar of jelly and some homemade bread. It’s a win win!

  329. I love everything fresh – vegetables, fruit – all of it. Right now I’m stuck on watermelon. Ate a quarter of one all by myself!

  330. Kristin Threlkeld

    My favorite summer treat…cucumbers!

  331. Andrea Wing

    I love fresh berries. I freeze blueberries and eat them instead of ice cream.

  332. Margaret

    I love using all the produce fresh from the garden, Corn and tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower, for a homemade pizza veggie style! and the fruit Nothing better then fresh from the garden!

  333. I love cucumbers, always try to make refrigerator pickles, love them. We love watermelon & tomatoes too! Fresh – love it!

  334. Renee

    Pickle Peaches!!!!!!

  335. ruth downour

    i love pasta’s and casseroles homemade dips and desserts

  336. Betty

    My most favorite treat in the summertime is making ice cream with the fruits of the season. Mmmmmm…fresh peaches and blueberries!

  337. Beth

    We love summer foods period! Fresh fruits and veggies, grilling kabobs, and peach iced tea. One favorite is fresh fruit salsa with whatever fresh fruit on hand and tortillas cut in triangles and baked in the over with butter spray and sugar and cinnamon. Yum

  338. Rita Landers

    Would love to win this cookbook!

  339. Nothing beats Corn on the Cob with Barbecued chicken on the open fire!!!!

  340. Natalie Knowlton

    I love trying all kinds of new salad recipes and looking through book after book to find them. My favorite is pasta salad..but love also the ones made with marshmellows…cool whip…all the fun things!

  341. Pasta Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh broccoli florets, cheese cubes marinated in Tuscan Italian Dressing yummy!!!

  342. Joy

    The best treat during the summer are all of the fresh picked tomatoes. Nothing tastes as good.

  343. Susan

    My favorite summertime treat are the fresh wild black raspberries, that grow in our backyard!

  344. Sandra T.

    Fresh fruit salad, cantaloupe, honeydew and iced coffee

  345. miranda cook

    My favorite summertime treat is homemade it,love it

  346. Maureen

    My husband and I love to make jams with all the berries that are available. Our favorite is gooseberry jam and pie!

  347. heirlooms24

    My favorite summer treat are broiled open face sandwiches made with homemade pesto, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese piled on a sliced sourdough roll!

  348. joni

    Homemade peach and cherry crisp!

  349. Linda Hinojosa

    Linda Hinojosa
    I like fresh fruit, popsicles and homemade lemonade or limeade during the Summer. Anything to keep me cool & refreshed.

  350. Brenda Combs

    Home made salsa.

  351. Rita VanMuyden

    My favorite summertime treat is iced coffee lattes using iced coffee concentrate I make myself, then add a flavored creamer or sometimes vanilla ice cream and a little chocolate syrup for a mocha shake! I would so love to win this cookbook since I can’t afford to spend any money on things that aren’t necessary to stay alive.

  352. Patricia Pinkston

    Fresh fruits and vegetables. especially home grown tomatoes.

  353. K Wolken

    Homemade ice cream is our favorite summer treat! Yummy!

  354. Cristy Alterman

    My favorite is Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie!!!

  355. Fried Okra, corn on the cob, fresh homegrown tomatoes !!! Can’t beat that for a great summer meal.

  356. Nita

    Fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob are what I wait for in the summer!!!! Love them both….sliced tomatoes with salt are the bomb and that fresh corn on the cob smothered with real butter and a little salt runs a close second to the tomatoes!!! Yummmm!!!

  357. We are enjoying homemade fudgsicles this year!

  358. Kari Vinson

    We love to make homemade ice cream!!

  359. I love peach cobbler!!

  360. Debbie Stephens

    My new summertime favorite is Strawberry Pie. I have a new recipe that my husband says is better than the Strawberry Pie that they serve at a famous cafeteria in this area:) That’s an awesome complement. The pie is soooo easy to make. I gave the recipe to one of the daughters and she has made 3 of these in one week! Do we have to only list one thing? My grandma’s Lemon Cake is another summer favorite with us and everyone at church and in our neighborhood! I love making them and sharing them with neighbors and especially the people at church who are having birthdays:) I can make one batch and have 3 medium size loaves to share. This recipe is sooo easy also. You poke holes in the warm cake (leave in loaf pans or 9 x 13 pan) and pour warm icing (like a syrup) over the cake. I love it the next day after storing in the fridge and it’s very cold. Top both of these with whipped cream and you have a wonderful summertime treat. I will gladly share the recipes for both so you can share also!

  361. Deborah Cleveland

    My favorite thing to make is BLT’s ( bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich)
    With fresh tomatoes from the garden. Nothing better!

  362. Gloria Kennard

    There is nothing better than “Roll the can” ice cream scooped into a freshly picked cantaloupe! It is an absolute summer favorite treat around here. πŸ™‚

  363. My favorite summertime treat is an orange julius. With frozen orange juice some sugar, water, milk, vanilla, and tons of ice cubes. It’s a refreshing drink on those hot summer days or nights.

  364. Diana

    My favorite summer treat is all the fresh watermelon, canteloupe, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash…and fresh peas, and peaches!

  365. Janelle Swafford

    My new favorite Summer treat is Fresh Blueberry Crisp with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!

  366. I love all the fresh fruits and veggies of summer, and i would love homemade ice cream again, but I guess my absolute favorite would have to be fresh tomatoes. They don’t have to be in anything or have anything added. I can eat them by themselves, all day, every day.

  367. Jeannie

    I just don’t know what to pick as my favorite—-tomato sandwiches with slice of onion—–my Mama’s coconut pie—-homemade blackberry jelly—kudzu jelly—grape salad—-or my chocolate chip cheese cake that makes you want to just slap someone—all is just as good as the next one.

  368. Tracy

    Homemade chocolate chip ice cream is a great summer treat!

  369. Fresh tomatoes out of the garden and cold watermelon. Oh-yum.

  370. Kathy Ekema

    My favorite summertime treat is …. (drum roll) …. Peaches ‘n’ Cream. Peeled and cut up peaches, sugar (to taste) and 1/2 & 1/2. YUMMY!

    Would love to win this as I am propping my foot up after surgery.


    I would have to say absolutely the best summertime favorite is a fresh fruit salad…
    All cut small with strawberries,blueberries,raspberries,watermelon,cantaloupe,peaches,
    etc.. there is nothing better than this on a hot sunny day.

  372. I love cuks! peeled and sliced about as inch thick

  373. Jennifer Schwab

    Fresh picked berries on vanilla ice cream…..What a treat!!!

  374. Lori Kendall

    I like fresh fruit pies and jellies. I also love to make fresh vegetable soup with veggies from the garden, it is the best!!

  375. Cheri W

    Watermelon is my favorite summertime treat. It reminds me of the summers staying with my grandparents and eating watermelon with them.

  376. Melissa Staggs-Laughrey

    Oh do I have to just pick one?? Lemon Shake Ups are one favorite and tomato/feta salad is my other.

  377. I love all the fresh vegetable in the garden and the fresh peaches . Nancy

  378. Susan Nerkowski

    My favorite summer treat is Zucchine cakes or breads with fresh fruit mixed in batter

  379. Fresh vegetables and tomatoes from the garden!! Great salads…

  380. Nell Schneider

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are my favorite summer treats. I like them all, but especially like the watermelon.

  381. Trina Hanzlik

    I love making jams in the summer when the fruit is fresh from the farmers markets. My favorite jam right now is Strawberry Margarita Jam. It is so yummy.

  382. Linda K

    Eating the fresh vegetables from our garden. Taste so much better than what is purchased at the store.

  383. My family’s favorite summertime treat is definetly homeade ice cream! I love the memories of sitting on the porch watching the machine run and trying to keep my husband and daughter from stopping the machine to see if it was ready!!
    We love trying to think of new ingrediants to add to the vanilla ice cream, one of our favorites was crushed butterfinger candy bars…there is nothing in the world that is better than homemade ice cream!!!

  384. judy lunchuck

    Hope to win! Thanks for the chance!!

  385. Marianne Hawk

    My absolute summer favorite is rhubarb crisp fresh out of the oven topped with homemade vanilla ice cream.

  386. Debbie Matthews

    I love strawberry shortcake-with the old fashioned shortcake and real whipped cream. I also eat cherries every day-another of my summer passions!!!

  387. kimberly jones

    I love any fresh fruit but my fave are fresh jerssey blueberry muffins. πŸ™‚

  388. Clarice Baldwin

    home made starwberry Ice Cream over apple pie what a treat!

  389. watermelon, cantelope, blueberries, and green beans.

  390. Jasmine Burgess

    Fruit salads, especially with Michigan strawberries, cherries and peaches.

  391. Linda Frost

    My favorite was a dessert called Ice Cream Crunch. It was in a 9×13 pan, with the sweet crunchy topping on the bottom, softened ice cream in the middle and more crunch topping on top. My mother would freeze it after preparing it and just waited for us to get home. It was so great after a hot summer afternoon of swimming and we were sooo hungry! It really hit the spot!

  392. Jessica K.

    My favorite summer treat is a savory one. I make my own bruchetta with fesh tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden. Yes, I can have this snack year round with store bought ingredients, but it just tastes SO much better with fresh ingredients from my garden.

  393. Margaret Hedlund

    Fresh picked corn on the cob! Yum!!

  394. Gina Blank

    Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and fresh basil.

  395. patty florence

    My favorite summertime treat is macaroni and tuna salad with hard boiled eggs celery and I use dehydrated onions instead of real onions because not everyone likes real onions

  396. marge grubb

    I collect cookbooks

  397. Joy Steeb

    I love to make lemonade and put fresh lemon slices in it. This so refreshing on summer afternoon..

  398. BettyR

    Fresh corn on the cob with sweet butter and salt !! YUMMMY

  399. Ginny

    Uncle Wayne (now deceased) loved blackberry cobbler with dinner.
    So, I pick the berries from my yard to make cobblers and we have them for dinner in his memory.

  400. Cathy Lattus

    I love summer for all of the sweet basil that
    I can grow and make pesto with. There is
    Nothing any better than a bowl of pasta and
    summer veggies that is cover with fresh pesto

  401. Kathi

    I love peaches. Nothing beats a homegrown peach, even if it doesn’t come from my backyard.

  402. sue gibson

    There’s nothing better in the summer than fresh peas with hot milk and butter. yum!

  403. Connie Douty

    Canning peas, tomatoes, peach preserves, and making home made peach ice cream is divinel Preparing fresh peaches for the freezer is one of my favorite things to do –just like my Mom, aunt, and grandmother taught me. Being a good steward of the bounty of summer is a way to please God.

  404. Sue Strother

    My favorite summer dish is grilled chicken and sausage with macaroni and cheese and a hearty salad with avocado and ranch dressing…. I really like fresh vegetables from the garden… Most AWESOME!!!!

  405. My favorite is just about ANY fresh fruit or veggie. I am a new follower.

  406. Jeannie Graves

    There’s nothing better in the summer than meal of fresh blackeyed peas, homegrown tomatoes, fried squash and new potatoes. All fresh from the garden of course!!!!

  407. tammy

    I love all the fresh fruit. I love to make anything with strawberries!

  408. Phyllis Carrell

    Fruit, fruit, fruit…. love summer fruit! Blueberries, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, melons, cherries… oh my, I could go on and on.

  409. Mary

    Summer is the greatest time to join family or friends at the park or beach for a “bring your best dish” party…everyone tries to outdo with home grown fruits and veggies turned into their favorite dishes! Yumm

  410. Anita Morfin

    This summer, I’ve LOVED eating heirloom tomotoes fresh from the garden, cooled under cold water. Colors of the tomatoes range from aubergine purple to yellow and orange, and the taste range from smoky to extra sweet; what fun trying out these time-honored delicious treats. I never knew tomatoes could be such treats! πŸ™‚

  411. Ice cream is my favorite…..whether home made or store bought!!

  412. Jenny B

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!! My favorite summer treat is definitely homemade ice cream…we have a Sunday night tradition of making it during the summer πŸ™‚

  413. Margo Lucas

    I love bing cherries, pineapple and peaches mixed together

  414. Patty

    My favorite is my mom’s fried chicken and potato salad. She was the best cook.

  415. Wanda Ray

    Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

  416. Debra Mack

    I love making homemade jams. I save some for Christmas gifts!

  417. Renee Pedroza

    I love Big Juicy Kentucky Tomatoes =) They have the best taste! I drive 7 hours to purchase them! YUM

  418. Paula Zsiray

    Corn on the cob… cooked in the pressure cooker and dripping with butter.
    And no corn holders! Yummy!

  419. My favorite is homemade smoothies with fresh strawberries, banana, and fat free vanilla yogurt…or use peaches or blueberries instead of the strawberries. Yummy way to cool off on a hot afternoon.

  420. claudia adams

    We love homemade ice cream and fresh peach cobbler as an afternoon treat!

  421. i love fresh pineapple and melons. love to make fruit salads. also love to have fresh fruit on top of homemade corn bread.

  422. Kelly Methey

    I love homemade ice cream with the fruits of summer, I love tall icy fruity drinks, iced teas and I love roasted corn on the cob with butter and salt! Yum!

  423. suzanne

    I love fresh white peaches and watermelon.

  424. Heidi Rawson

    I look forward every year to some fried green tomatoes! I keep it simple and dip them in egg and flour and fry them in butter with salt and pepper!!

  425. Corbi Beshears

    My favorite summertime treat is Peaches! I love to make peach pie fillings and freeze them for winter when I have a craving for fresh ones!

  426. Adra Baldwin

    My favorite summer treat is slow cooked green beans that are picked fresh from my garden.

  427. I like to make Rhubarb bread pudding in the summer. Everyone loves it!

  428. judy clark

    Ice cold watermelon and other fruit and sweet ice tea, and sweet corn on the cob is the best.

  429. Cris Biddix

    Our family fav summer time treat is homemade ice cream – I make one that tastes just like Snow Cream – grandson just can’t get enough this summer. YUMMY!

  430. deborah skantz

    I love squash grilled and roasted,and i freeze some for breads and soups for winter.

  431. Gia

    My very favorite is a sweet juicy peach with the juice running down my chin…so yummy!

  432. I have two favorites. I love to make and eat homemade ice cream, guess I took after my parents on this. They use to make it while I was growing Also my mom use to make a desert when I was little and it was delicious. It is a lemon pudding cake. You mix up a yellow cake mix and then mix a Jello lemon pudding/pie mix. and add it to the cake. It is so good. The cake is so good especially with the pudding down on the bottom. It took me forever to find the recipe for it. I never got it from my mom before she passed away and my sister was always asking me if I knew how to make it. It was by chance that I found the recipe in a magazine that I got several years ago. Boy was I shocked and immediately called my sister to give her the recipe too. It sure did bring back a lot of childhood memories when I made it.

  433. lori

    ice cream & fresh fruit

  434. Laurie Kinkin

    Summertime………its a toss up between the simplicity of fresh sweetcorn, tender peaches and cream kernels with just the right amount of butter oozing between the corn and down your chin…….OR fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, made into jam or a pie, tossed in a salad or sprinkled with sugar and ladled over rich french vanilla ice cream! Ah the foods of summer. πŸ™‚

  435. Jessica Carlson

    I wish the awesome summertime fruits lasted long enough to can for later enjoyment, or even to use in recipes…but it get eaten basically fresh and plain! It’s still really good the natural way too though!

  436. Kim Davis

    Fresh fruit cobbler

  437. Sally Foster

    We love us some root beer floats.

  438. LOVE key lime cheeseball with vanilla wafers:)

  439. Christina Cormier

    I definetly love homemade icecream. Summer also gives me time to bake and try things I do not have time for when I am teach. It is time to experiement.

  440. Carolyn McHugh

    Tomato sandwhiches and corn on the cob!!!!!

  441. Kim Wagener

    Favorite summertime treat, would have to be, homegrown tomatoes with cooper cheese and bacon on rye…yummmm

  442. Rita Noe

    summer means lots of juicy red tomatoes pairing them with anything is a treat

  443. Warm rhubarb crunch or pie with homemade ice cream!!

  444. Warm rhubarb crunch or pie with homemade ice cream…YUMMY!!

  445. I love all the fresh fruits and things you can make with them. I’m also starting to make jams…my favorite is Tomato Jam with a strong raspberry flavor (from the jello). It’s so easy!

  446. katrina reynolds

    Love these cookbooks. Have started my neighbors son collecting them, he also. He is 10. He us a future chef.
    Can’t wait to bookmark and read modern mrs clever website.
    Love finding and trying new salad recipes for those hot summer days.

  447. Dona

    Fresh fruit is our favorite – in pies, on top of ice cream, cobblers, in a smoothie, as a frozen pop – whatever is in season with some canned or frozen for out-of-season use.

  448. Dawn Akers

    I love freezer fresh strawbery jam. It is so delicious on toast and homemade bread!

  449. ann dufresne

    Would love to win a copy!

  450. I like making blueberry cobbler with fresh blueberries

  451. Sandra Bradley

    I love your books, they are hard to find here in Canada but when I do find one it is in my cart right away. I love making jams and jelly’s and wonder do you have a recipe for Cranapple Jelly made with Cranberry Juiice, Apple Juice, sugar and Certo’s if so can you please send it to me,

  452. Shannon

    I love fresh salsa made with homegrown tomatoes. Absolutely can’t beat angel food cake with berries and real whipping cream, either. Yum!

  453. Sandy Rees

    We love all of the fresh fruit and the vegetables that are available at this time of year!

  454. My favorite summertime treat is…. fresh cherries ! Thanks for the chance to enter ! ( hope I win !!! ) ☺

  455. Mildred Gochenour

    My favorite summertime treat is fresh wild raspberries made into a cobler. My whole family loves it too!

  456. gale rivenbark

    We love cold ripe watermelon, & then my husband makes watermelon-rind preserves!

  457. Arlene

    I love the new potatoes and the fresh peas… but most of all I love the wonder of summer with all of the fresh flavourful fruits and veggies you can get . Saskatoon berries with vanilla ice cream is sooo yummy .

  458. Antje Seipelt

    I call it “Rasberry Baiser Dessert”. I have this recipe from Germany and it’s delicious. You layer crumbled meringue, frozen rasberries and whipped cream in a glass and put it in the fridge for a couple hours. So refreshing and tasty!

  459. Michelle

    Fresh raspberries over vanilla ice cream!!

  460. Sharon Flanagan

    I enjoy everything fresh from the garden! I gather the different fruits and berries and make jam for allmy family! Every year I make Strawberry, Rhubarb & Nectarine-Peach. The last 2 years I added a few more: Boysenberry, Berry & Currants (strawberries, boysenberries & red currants – wow!), Raspberry & Blackberry! I also can Sweet Chili Sauce & Sweet Cucumber Pickles (good enough for pie filling!). These are made using my Great Grandmothers recipies!
    Leave me in the kitchen & send someone in for the clean-up please!

  461. Kathy Hyman

    My Grandmother and then my mom and now I make the Strawberry Preserves for the freezer – my fam and friends LOVE them and I LOVE keeping a family tradition going …Guess I need to show my daughter!!

  462. Jann

    Strawberry shortcake with just picked berries, fresh from the garden!

  463. Deb Karns

    My favorite summertime treat is homemade ice cream with my homemade chocolate sauce. I also love watermelon. Canning the vegetables from the garden too.

  464. Dorothy Scott

    My favorite summer time treat is using a gooseberry patch cookbook with my kids and teaching them that foods don’t need a zillion ingredients to be absolutely fantastic!

  465. Carol Chambers

    I love fried zucchini.

  466. Patty Hall

    I love oven roasted fresh vegetables. You can use anything. Drizzle a little olive oil, a little salt and pepper, and maybe a little garlic on your favorite fresh vegetable and pop it in the oven on 425 for 20-30 minutes. Yummy!

  467. Judy Crowell

    I love all the fresh fruits, and fresh salad veggies, and eat them up all summer long! I also love to put fresh veggies of all kinds on the grill.

  468. Only pick one…ooh, that’s hard, I would have to say it is the fresh fruits I can pick up at the farmers market.

  469. Linda C

    Love BLT’s and a salad with fresh tomatoes, also fresh strawberry shortcake.

  470. Pat

    My favorite summertime treat is definitely “home grown tomatoes picked and eaten right off the vine”!

  471. Misty

    Locally grown strawberries and blueberries go into my Two-berry jam which makes a great topping on yogurt or bagels with cream cheese. I just signed up for your emails, too. Love your blog!

  472. My favorite summertime treat is fresh strawberry shortcake. I prefer homemade shortcake but any ole shortcake will do with a bunch of fresh strawberries and of course lots of whipped cream. Yummy!!!

  473. Gerri Ritcey

    I love shortcakes, not just strawberry but any berry…nothing says summer like fresh berries & whipped cream…Yum

  474. Debbie C

    My favorite summertime treat is fresh tomatoes. I love BLT’s, salsa, pico de gallo, sliced tomatoes & cooking with fresh tomatoes.

  475. Elizabeth Kotus

    I love to make strawberry jam.

  476. Debbie Retzer

    Raspberry jam with the raspberries from our garden!

  477. Betsy Rowan

    I love strawberry shortcake. My mom always made the shortcake with bisquick and we would pour milk over it. Yum

  478. Sue

    My favorite summer time treat is a fresh tomato out of the garden stuffed with tuna salad; cottage cheese and an Indiana muskmellon.


    homemade ice cream

  480. Toasted tomato sandwich with mayo!!!

  481. I have been taking advantage of the fresh strawberries and love making jams and jellies. I just made a batch of Strawberry Habanero Jelly about 2 weeks ago. Boy is it delicious.

  482. Joan O.

    My favorite summer time treat is watermellon and my next favorite is homemade ice cream Sundays at my Mom and Dads.

  483. Anything at the fair…or the farmers market. LOL!

  484. My favorite summer time treat is to take all the fresh fruit that is available and my a wonderful fruit salad, add some homemade chicken salad and you have a great meal

  485. Cindy Stantz

    My favorite summertime treat is watermelon or a fresh fruit salad!!!

  486. angie

    favorite summer treats: homemade ice cream, good cold sweet tea & fresh tomato sandwich

  487. D.

    My favorite summer time treat is fresh, off the vine, homegrown tomatoes!! Throw in a few fresh, homegrown zucchini & I’m in Heaven!! πŸ™‚

  488. Nancy

    Peach Marlowe, although fresh peaches come out in August in the NE, it’s worth the wait. Graham cracker crust, then peaches, melted marshmallows & heavy cream. Oh, you can even imagine the heavenly taste!

  489. Roxanne Prefontaine

    Cantaloupe with Vanilla Ice Cream.

  490. Rhonda Thomas

    We have had the best time making jellies this summer. Seems all the fruit trees where extra full. So far we have made red plum jelly, yellow plum jelly from a tree I just happen to find on a trip to the feed store, strawberry jam and now there are grapes. OMG are there grapes. We also have a friend that has dates and looking forward to getting some of those for jelly. Oh and lets not forget the pears. They will be ready soon and they’ll make jelly, relish, mincemeat and just a good ole pear crumb pie,

  491. My favorite summertime treat is freshly made pico de gallo (fresh salsa); made from freshly picked tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a little salt. Served with corn tortilla chips. Yum!

  492. My favorite summertime treat is watermelon. lots and lots of watermelon.

  493. Katie Jordan

    My favorite summertime treat would have to be walking through the produce at the grocery store and smelling the ripe fruit, peaches, plums, watermelons, cantalopes, etc. Love that!

  494. Debbie Peters

    I love fresh raspberry torte! So yummy!

    It looks so elegant to serve to company on special occasions! I always get requests for the recipe. It is also great with strawberries too.

  495. My favorite summertime treat is homemade butter pecan ice cream. Mmmm!

  496. My favorite summer time treat is Ice Cream. I haven’t made Ice Cream for a long time, but the summer after I graduated from high school, I worked on a dude ranch, and we had home made Ice Cream EVERY Sunday. The servers used to bring mine out in a soup bowl!

  497. I love home-made apple butter and that is what I am going to do this summer

  498. My favorite Summer Time Treat is my Friends coming over to enjoy a wonderful lunch or brunch. I purchased my first Gooseberry Book recently I and can’t wait to have my first get together using Gooseberry Recipes….

  499. Lorry

    Ice cream!!! I just got a new ice cream maker and am experimenting with cool flavors *~*

  500. Stefanie

    My favorite summertime treat is frozen yogurt!

  501. Sharla

    My mom makes the best pies. Fresh fruit even better!

  502. Rebecca Corbeille

    I make a yummy triffle with strawberries and bananas. You layer the fruit inbetween a mixture of torn angel food cake, whipped cream, vanilla pudding and vanilla. It’s heavenly-almost reminiscent of strawberry shortcake, but it’s a pudding.

  503. Kathy S

    I love watermelon in the summer!

  504. Lisa Sanders

    Fresh peaches! Frozen slices floating in a glass of sweet tea.

  505. Ruth Naylor

    I love caprese salad, fresh salsa and pizza margherite all with what I’ve grown!

  506. Donna Wade

    Fried Squash & Onions with slices of fresh homegrown tomatoes on the side. Wonderful. Then, fresh fruit with whipped cream for dessert.

  507. Kristi

    The best part of summer is all of the fresh fruits and veggies!! And I love to make different types of salads since its usually too hot to cook!! πŸ™‚

  508. Nancy Haskett

    My favorite summertime treat is watermelon. I could eat it year round! Just wish I could make a jam or jelly using watermelon or the rind.

  509. Traci

    I love frozen strawberry lemonade.

  510. Lesl1e

    I’d Love to win it would be a great birthday present.

  511. Cynthia B

    Hands down my favorite is Watermelon!!!! Sweet, Juicy, and cold.

  512. Stephanie

    My husband and I love to pick all of the fruit that in season and eat it fresh and also use it in recipes.

  513. Christine

    Strawberry shortcake — lots of strawberries!

  514. Cathy

    Picking – and eating – the first ripe tomatoes out of the garden!

  515. pjcopes

    We have a farmers market in my town everyday and I just love all the fresh fruits and vegtables this time of year.

  516. carla

    My favorite summertime treat is to make a fruit salad with a variety of summer fruits.

  517. Bonnie Balentine

    Oh My… So Hard to pick a Favorite Summertime Treat.
    We Are Blessed to live in an area where roadside produce is abundant.
    So I take advantage of the many farm fresh fruits and vegetables-
    Strawberries- Jam, Pretzel Salad and Lemonade to name a few.
    Peaches- Peaches & Cream Cake, Jam, Salsa!
    Sweet Corn- Grilled in the Husk and Lots to freeze for the winter months!
    Tomatoes- Best BLT’s Ever! Salsa and tomato sauce!
    Blueberries- Muffins & Bread
    Raspberries & Blackberries- Jam
    Zucchini- Bread and Stuffed with sausage filling!
    Squash- Grilled or Fried
    Green Beans – with Ham & new potatoes
    Pumpkin- Bread & pies, I freeze a lot for holiday baking!
    Just to name a few…
    Love your Cookbooks!

    A Cup of Coffee,
    A New Cookbook.
    And Me on the Couch-Ah, I’m in Heaven!!

  518. My favorite summertime treat is Jello cake, and with that I try to cut calories by using a white cake with egg whites, sugar free Jello and fat free whip cream on top, its a cool and refreshing treat!

  519. DawnW

    Lovin’ lemonade right now – SO refreshing!

  520. Teresa Kirschmann

    Sliced peaches soaked in Grand Mariner

  521. Sandy C.

    I love ice cream cakes in the summer!

  522. I love preserving all the berries and tree fruits available here at this time of the year, by freezing, canning and making jams.

  523. Mickey

    Roasted corn on the grill!

  524. Nancy

    I love peach cobbler! It’s even more special made in a dutch oven outside. So good topped with homemade ice cream!

  525. Lisa Coulter

    Homemade ice cream in any flavor of the summer! With so many different fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from at this time of year, the one thing they all have in common is that ANYTHING is good in ice cream!

  526. Pat

    Enjoyed making blackberry jam and grape jelly this summer! Picked the fruit from my family’s farm.

  527. Pat Hoffarth

    My favorite summertime treat is fresh vegetables – sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers – home grown, of course. Miss my dad and his garden in the summertime but great memories of him out back tending to it.

  528. Jody

    My favorite summertime treat is a strawberry, banana, blueberry trifle with instant vanilla pudding, and angel food cake!

  529. Elaine

    Homemade pineapple ice cream! Yum!

  530. Suzanne Allard

    ma favorite summertime treat : i had it yesterday. Fresly picked yellow and green stringbeans!!,, and i’ll have some again tonight,,
    S.Allard πŸ™‚

  531. Aubrey Franzone

    Grilled zucchini & squash! YUMMY!

  532. Candy

    Nothing like home cooking.

  533. Stephanie

    Making pickles and chutneys of all kinds with cucumbers and all peppers! Brings the taste and feel of summer to the winter months!

  534. lori martinez

    i love watermelon love to have it during summer for my kids

  535. Carol Vaughn

    Love Peaches!

  536. Edwina

    My favorite summer treat is smoothies! I like most every kind and enjoy making them -peach mango or pina colada are probably my favorites.

  537. Nikki Roberts

    Our family loves fresh strawberries from the garden. We love to make strawberry jam and strawberry shortcake with the ones that actually make it to the house:) Yummy!!!!

  538. Picking fresh fruits and veggies from the garden…yumm!

  539. Jennifer Miller

    Fresh cantalope and homemade vanilla ice cream! Yum!

  540. Emily Nussbaum

    I recently made Rhubarb Crunch from a Gooseberry Patch recipe book. It was divine!!! & I’ve never used rhubarb before! Everyone loved it & i plan to make this every rhubarb season!

  541. Jen Millett

    Homemade lemonade and peach tea. Lemon icebox pie. Fresh and sun-warmed tomatoes from the garden with fresh basil and mozzarella balls.

  542. Ellen Roberts

    Fresh fruit smoothies :0)

  543. Sharon Koester

    My favorite summertime treat is to grill outside. We like beef kabobs and hamburgers. Fresh tomatoes from the garden and fresh sweet corn. Just froze 2 batches of sweet corn–that will taste so good this winter.

  544. Priscilla Musser

    There is nothing better than corn on the cob and home grown tomatoes.

  545. Melanie L. Ball

    Love that first homegrown tomato.

  546. My favorite summer time treat is making fresh fruit smoothies.

  547. Davida Cain

    My favorite treat is/was homemade blackberry cobbler. When I was a little kid (many years ago) my brothers and sisters would go into the woods and pick blackberries from some wild blackberry bushes. Once we got a few quarts picked, we’d take them home and mom would make us some blackberry cobbler. We would add a dollop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream while it was still warm and them gulp it all up! Of course we’d ask for more, but with six kids around, we didn’t always get seconds!

  548. Aimee C.

    While I miss my grandfather’s homemade strawberry ice cream (strawberries from his garden…) our new favorite is from our local farmer’s market. We purchase French Breakfast Radishes and a loaf of fresh bread, then have sliced radishes on buttered bread sprinkled with a little sea salt for breakfast, with hard-boiled eggs on the side. yum!

  549. Gail Peach

    My favorite summertime treat is flavored ice tea. Cool and refreshing.

  550. c Jones

    I love having a fresh, just out of the garden, tomato sandwich made with buttered bread and a big piece of cantalope for our evening meal.

  551. Bacon and fresh tomato sandwiches.

  552. I make homemade banana pudding from scratch–no instant pudding or artificial anything in my recipe!

  553. Marsha

    Making jams and pickles!

  554. Julia

    My favorite summertime treat is a cake made with pineapples and mandarine oranges with a light icing of a cool whip mixture. It’s sweet, delicious, and light for summertime evenings.

  555. Gloria

    Making a traditional strawberry shortcake for my daughter’s summer birthday

  556. Beverly Lawler

    I love strawberry freezer jam made with fresh summer strawberries! Yummy!

  557. Adrianne

    Favorite summertime treat? BLUEBERRIES!!!! Fresh-picked, right off the bush!!

  558. Love home made ice cream!!! Yum, yum!

  559. Louise

    I love when rubarb is in season, I make rubarb upside down cake in my cast iron skillet.

  560. My favorite treat is a strawberry angel food cake! I use fresh strawberries, sliced and sprinkled lightly in sugar and then placed in the fridge to let the juices come out. I slice a full angel food cake in half around the middle and dig out a little trench. I then take about half the prepared strawberries and mix them with some cool whip, fill the trench with this mix and then place the top half of the cake back on top. I layer a small amount of cool whip on the top and layer the remainder strawberries on top in a slightly overlapping form, then drizzle the strawberry juices over the top and let it run down the sides. Refrigerate for about an hour and serve the same day. It’s awesome!!

  561. Amy

    My kids love for me to make them baked goodies with all the summertime produce. Their favorites are zucchini bread, blueberry bread, and anything with strawberries!!!!!

  562. Darcy

    Ice cream of course! πŸ˜‰

  563. Jennifer Chung

    Pesto, spaghetti sauce, and shredded beef for enchiladas made with the basil, tomatoes, jalapenos, and banana peppers right out of our garden.

  564. Corn on the cob and tomato from the garden.

  565. Karen Kuefler

    I have lots of favorite summer treats– fresh strawberries and raspberries, corn on the cob, new potatoes and peas– all from my garden!

  566. Di

    Nothing like running to the garden to pick some fresh cucumbers for supper πŸ™‚

  567. Pam

    I love watermelon in the summer time. There is nothing better than a cold sweet watermelon.

  568. Ann Saye

    I have to go with strawberries and/or watermelon. You can do so much with both!

  569. Cindy Binder

    Favorite summertime treats are fresh peas, corn on the cob, sun ripened tomatoes, and homemade ice cream.

  570. Angela Guyton

    I love all the fresh fruits & veggies, but my favorite is heirloom tomato salad!

  571. Mandy Blank

    My favorite summertime treat is creamed corn made with fresh corn off the cob!

  572. Debbie Wells

    So hard to choose out of so many fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer but I’ll say a double crust strawberry pie is at the very top of my list of summertime favorites.

  573. Ok Landshark

    My favorites include pretty much ANYTHINg straight from the garden- peas, tomatoes, cukes, squash, but mostly fresh herbs.
    Caprese, fresh salads, and even no meat/all veggie suppers are something I look forward to this time of year.
    YAY, garden bounty!

  574. Lennie Stimpson

    A warm, fresh picked peach! YUMMY!
    Preceeded by a fresh picked ear of corn on the cob! Lennie

  575. Margie

    My all time favorite summer treat is homemade vanilla ice cream and corn on the cob.

  576. We love salsa around our house. A few years back I decided it was time to grow my own ingredients. So every summer we grow tomatoes, jalepeno peppers, and cilantro. Fresh salsa is awesome with chips, on salads, topped on eggs – just about anything! And fresh ingredients from the garden makes it taste so much better! Thanks for this contest give away! Oooh if you don’t pick me, I vote for Victoria Landry -that summer sangria sounds awesome!!!

  577. Chris

    Fresh watermelon and a really good fresh peach!!! We don’t get really good fresh produce here for a very long period of time so its really a treat when you do!

  578. Rena Roth

    I have two small children, and this summer we have been enjoying homemade Ice Cream a few times a week. They enjoy helping me make it and really enjoy eating it!!!

  579. Wow, I have so many favorites, I just don’t know where to start. Gooseberry Patch is my favorite of many, many, many cookbooks that I have. I guess I would have to say deserts are my all time, any time of the year favorites. I love making recipes with avacados. Love making salsa using nice red tomatos. I could go on and on forever. Love everything there is to love about Gooseberry Patch.

  580. Michele Wood

    My favorite summer time treat is fresh home grown tomatoes! There’s nothing better than a big fresh salted tomato.

  581. laura

    Hard to choose but I’ll have to say fresh fruit! Love a good juicy watermelon or peach! Or some fresh blueberries on ice cream! Mmmmmm!!!! Oh boy, now I’m hungry! πŸ™‚

  582. Barbara

    I like making tarts with all the fresh fruit that’s out there this time of year, in fact just had one the other day!! πŸ™‚

  583. Lynn 253

    My favorite summertime treat is anything and everything from the farmers’ market gardens.

  584. Joy Reno

    I love steamed zuchini, summer squash and onion with a sprinkle of cheese on top.

  585. Karen

    I love making peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream.

  586. Jodi

    Our new favorite Summer treat is homemade yogurt popsicles!!! My 3 little ones (5 yrs and under) loooooove them and I feel good about feeding them yogurt for a treat! πŸ™‚

  587. Karen Irwin

    My favorite summer treat is homemade peach pie. Sweet and juicy. Nothing better and the store bought pies don’t even compare!

  588. Rachell Grassman

    My favorite Summertime treat is homemade jams and jellies. This year, I made mixed fruit jelly and it is very delish!!! Even my kids can’t get enough!!!!

  589. Kim Wilson Brandon

    My favorite summertime treat is homemade ice cream. I have a recipe that my grandfather always used, the best !! I have the job this summer of making it with my 3 yr. old granddaughter, she loves it.. I also love to make homemade peach cobbler and pie. I can tomatoes and make salsa from our garden yield so we have it in the winter to add to stew or chili. You can’t beat having fresh tomatoes in the dead of winter !!

  590. Sheree

    My favorite summertime treat is vanilla frozen yogurt, topped with gummy bears! πŸ™‚

  591. Carolyn Paul

    Homemade salsa with my fresh tomatoes!! Yum!! Or maybe homemade peach ice cream…or, well, you get the drift!

  592. Foy Gordon

    I love swimming, picnics and making homemade ice cream-any flavor. Love your cookbooks.

  593. Jolinne

    Love eating frozen grapes to help keep cool!!

  594. Debbie Hall

    My summertime treat is baking homeade bread over charcoal, in a box and then when it cools, top it with homeade blackberry jam!

  595. My favorite summer treat? A tomato, dill pickle and cheddar cheese sandwich made with garden fresh, sun warmed tomatoes.

  596. Leanne Harrop

    Watermelon! Love them, when theyre in season. I’d love your book, also πŸ™‚

  597. Carol Newman

    Love my home grown tomatoes and lemon cucumbers. I make salsa with the tomatoes, yummy.Love the fresh zuchinni, boiled, sauted, fresh and I make my Grandmas Chocolate Zuchinni Cake with chocolate chips and nuts, you cannot beat fresh vegetables from your garden.

  598. Morgan

    Making root beer floats — perfect for a hot Summer day! πŸ™‚

  599. Cindy Abbott

    Strawberry shortcake and blackberry cobbler!

  600. Debi

    Peach Pie during the summer and sand plum jelly

  601. Jane

    Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches are such a summer treat — I love fresh tomatoes out of our garden!

  602. Debbie

    I love the simplicity and yumminess of eating fresh cherries and any other fresh fruit of summer. So Good!

  603. Vicki

    Cucumbers from my garden

  604. Tammy

    I just happened onto your blog and LOVE IT!! Strawberry Jello Cake has been my favorite summertime treat for a long time. Cool, refreshing and not too sweet. (I have plenty of favorites that are super sweet.) I collect cookbooks and would LOVE to add this to my collection!

  605. Kathy Roberge

    Our favorite summer time treat is watermelon, fresh corn, tomatoes right off the vine, and peach tea.

  606. Jacki

    Cold shrimp salad with a popsicle for dessert!

  607. judy lange

    Each season brings lots of memories to mind…Winter is soups and stews, spring is strawberries and fruit salads, fall is pumpkin and apple time and SUMMER is grilling time…grilled chicken, veggies, hot dogs, hamburgers and lots of get together with your loved ones!

  608. Vicki Goodwin

    My favorite treat to make in the summer is fresh strawberry short cake with homemade buscuits.

  609. Summer brings watermelon, fresh green beans and my homemade zucchini relish.

  610. My favorite summertime treat is fresh picked blueberries. We pick every summer near our cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Eat them straight from the bush or sprinkle with sugar and enjoy!!!!!

  611. Definitely fresh picked corn on the cob.

  612. Muriel Dooley Vlahakis

    Summer means Christmas in July festivities–which we are celebrating today!! Why have Christmas dinner just once a year?? Making memories is the best part of EVERY Season!!!!!!

  613. My favorite is homemade peach icecream and taco salad, mac salad using recipes handed down from my grandma

  614. Mona Davis

    Oh, so many summertime treats – how can I choose just one? Can I fudge just a little bit and wrap all my favorites up to include all of the lucious fresh garden produce, best when shared with family and friends at a sun-shine-y, noisy outdoor gathering where all the old family recipes are enjoyed and shared and the best memories are remembered and re-made?

  615. Anything with strawberries!!

  616. Until I started eating healthier 4 years ago, I didn’t eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Changing those habits has helped me to lose over 104 lbs and now I love watermelon, cantalope, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Chunky salsa is a favorites, too.

  617. Cheryl Wright

    My family loves home made ice cream. I like to add a can of Eagle Brand sweetened evap milk to my mixture. It makes it so creamy and YUMMY. This works for any flavor of ice cream you make.

  618. Amanda

    I Love fresh watermelon and Tomatoes.

  619. My favorite sometime treat is homemade butter pecan icecream with carmel sauce. We love it and make it all summer!!!! I also love watermelon but I am in the minority 😦

  620. Hard to choose…Love Fresh Strawberries, Home grown tomatoes, Watermelon, fresh corn on the cob. Love Summer foods!

  621. Carol Miller

    Defnitely garden frsh tomatoes picked out of the garden! So many possibilities πŸ™‚

  622. Lisa Lee

    My favorite summer time treat was making homemade vanilla ice cream for banana splits with my residents at work. It brought back so many memories for them.

  623. Lori Belanger

    BLUEBERRIES!! I love picking them! I take some for muffins, coffee cakes and pancakes. I freeze the rest and seperate them into snack size bags. Then, at night when I want a refreshing snack, I grab one out of the freezer and enjoy a yummy frozen treat!

  624. Laurie Gibson

    My favorite summertime snack is fresh fruit! I love this time of the year when you can get any fruit you desire at affordable prices πŸ™‚ I love to add dried sweet cherries to my salads for a little sweetness!

  625. Dannitta

    My favorite is a supper with everything (almost) coming from the garden. BLT’s, Sweet corn and cucumbers, tomatoes and onions swimming in italian dressing.

  626. Becky Bruner

    Fresh corn on the cob !!!

  627. Denise

    I love making homemade strawberry jam!

  628. Kim

    My favorite summertime treat is watermelon sorbet, so refreshing on a hot day.

  629. Beth Bowers

    My favorite summertime treat is Watermelon, and Cantalope!!

  630. Linda Storer

    Home grown tomatoes!! Yummmm

  631. Pam

    home made raspberry Jelly and the tomatoes my husband (he is very allergic to them) grows for me..

  632. laura

    I love strawberry shortcake

  633. The best summertime recipe is my Pasta Salad. I use Tri-Color pasta and add broccoli florets, chick peas, diced tomatoes, sliced roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, sliced black olives. I put out olive oil and vinegar, plus a variety of salad dressings on a platter for my guests to pick for themselves what ever they would enjoy. This salad is always asked for when ever we have a barbeque or when visiting family over the summer months.



  635. Darcy

    I always look forward to just picked corn on the cob. It doesn’t get any better than this!

  636. Laurie

    I love going to our local farmers’ market and buying enourmous zucchini which are perfect for stuffing – yum!

  637. My favorite summertime food has to be everything to do with fresh produce. Our family loves using fresh fruit for cobblers, pies, cookies, sauces, everything! And who doesn’t love to grill fresh produce on the grill?

  638. Donna Weidner

    My favorite is fresh picked green beans from the garden!!

  639. Rosie Luna

    My favorite summertime is going to pick fresh cherries with my kids!

  640. I love going to the farmers markets, getting fresh fruits and veggies, and also supporting our local community.

  641. Wanda Ray

    Home made vanilla ice cream

  642. Ann

    I make a delicious homemade banana ice cream. My family looks forward to it each summer. It has become a tradition for even my extended family.

  643. Sandy Paschal

    Home made Milky Way candy bar ice cream is my favorite summer time treat . It is sooooo good.

  644. Amy L

    We eat a le ot of corn on the cob in the summer. It’s so good! My favorite summertime treat is fresh peaches from the orchard. I love to eat them out of hand or baked into a cobbler. YUM!

  645. Sonja

    Homegrown tomatoes, ice cold watermelon & homemade vanilla ice cream!! All delicious & remind me of beautiful California summers with my Gramp.

  646. Tina Y

    I LOVE making anything with fresh blueberries!! Muffins, pancakes, pies, & perogies!!

  647. Melissa Taylor

    My mom makes a “garden dinner” that includes: cucumbers & onions in sweet vinegar, fresh green beans with bacon and new potatoes, corn on the cob slathered in butter, and a fresh blackberry pie. Everyone else adds a fresh tomato but I only like them cooked:)

  648. Debbi Brown

    My favorite summer treat is my grandmothers old fashion sugar cookies with the raisin in the mom kept making these after my grandma died and my mom passed away this April and I’m going to try and keep the tradition going even though my first attempt didn’t turn out so good. I will keep trying as all kids loved this recipe.

  649. Deborah Cozzy

    I look forward to the fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer, corn on the cob my favorite!! We love camping and I enjoy checking out the local farmers market where ever we go, never know what you will find!!

  650. Rhonda S

    I love to get all the veggies from our garden and asparagus patch and grill them!

  651. Jackie Selover

    I love to take “Old recipes” from my mom’s cookbooks and make them mine. We love blackberry cobblers with a fresh twist and add a different kind of fruit such as peaches. I love all the old recipes and I’m making recipe books for my kids, using all the recipes I used when they were growing up.

  652. Cris Cummings

    Love the local farmers markets since i don’t garden myself, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and the wonderful people who grow what they sell!
    Cris Cummings

  653. Love ALL fresh veggies from the garden, take all your favorites – mix olive oil and butter, parsley, basil, salt and pepper and then throw them on the grill, Yummmmmmmy!!

  654. Laura

    Homemeade peach crisp & corn on the cob are our favorites…my family gives me a bad time because if I had my way we would have corn every night during the summer πŸ™‚

  655. Melissa C.

    Fresh peach cobbler!

  656. My favorite summertime treat is a lot of things. Fresh fruit, watermelon, fruit pies and cakes. Everything is better when it is in season and fresh.

  657. Suzie Zimmerman

    Fresh Raspberries!! Just made yummy jam from our raspberries in our yard!! Also love them on a bowl of oatmeal in the mornings!! =)

  658. Catharine

    It hard to pick just one favorite!! I love tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon…basically all fresh fruits and veggies, but I really love rhubarb pie! My Aunt has given me her recipe, but I like the way she makes it best!!

  659. Our favorite treat in the summer is fruit pizza! We live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and have access to lovely yummy fruit all summer.

  660. My favorite thing ever in the summer is to cut up all melons in a large metal bowl, let it get ice cold, and then enjoy. Nothing better.

  661. Raynola StClair

    I love using fresh peaches and strawberries with cakes or ice cream as a surprise treat and you can display in pretty dishes with added ingredients depending on the meal and who your guests are.

  662. Cheryl

    Everything that is garden fresh!

  663. We make home-made elephant ears the week of our local county fair.

  664. Marsha

    Strawberry Shortcake. I love making a homemade shortcake with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream. Theres nothing better on a warm summer day!

  665. Jeanne

    I make a very pretty and very delicious Fruit Tart with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and kiwifruit. My husband and my children love it! We love shopping at local farmers markets to select the fresh fruit too!

  666. Daina Jordan

    We have a favorite. I make lynn’s cheesecake (made with fluff) with black, blue and red berrys (blue berry, black berrys, raspberrys, and strawberrys). It makes the cheesecake light and berrys tells us its summer.

  667. Laura

    I love a fresh,fruit pizza!!!!!….cream cheese as my “sauce”….

  668. My wonderful Mom used to fill bowls of fresh fruit for our summery days and we’d take a break from the pool and summer games in the backyard to eat it on the stone patio my Dad made.

  669. betty h

    The first ripe tomato

  670. Dottie N.

    There are so many things that I love about summer time treats that come from my garden – fresh tomatoes and fresh cucumbers top the list. Nothing like fresh picked!!

    I also love to make jelly and jam from all the berries I have (gooseberries, raspberries, black raspberries and blueberries), as well as the fruit trees we’re blessed to have – cherries, peaches, apples, pears, plums and crabapples (nice tart jelly from the crabapples).

  671. Johann

    Peach cobbler is my favorite summertime treat.

  672. Chrissie

    My favorite summertime treat is watermelon with dip – YUM YUM!!!

  673. Jo-Anne Moreau Bougie

    Fresh homemade raspberry pie with the raspberries picked right out of my garden πŸ˜€ ..

  674. Patty Page

    I like fresh tomatoes! and I love to can salsa!

  675. Amy McCutcheon

    Sweet and simple! Cantaloupe shake! or my other favorite is fresh berries with a little sugar and cream! Either is a great treat in the good ole summertime!

  676. Karen

    watermelon is the best

  677. Marie Champagne

    I know it can be made anytime, but my favorites to make during the summer are fruit pizza and veggie pizza.

  678. Beefsteak tomatoes … anytime, any meal, all summer long!

  679. Debbie

    I make a no-bake lemon pie that is so easy and always gets rave reviews. I mix in a bowl 2 containers of lemon yogurt and 1 – 8oz. container of cool whip. Add a little yellow food coloring and then divide this mixture between two graham cracker crusts. Slice a lemon and place a slice in the center of the pie for garnish. Put in the fridge for an hour. I always make 2…one to take and one to keep. Any flavor of yogurt will work, too. I have also made strawberry and blueberry. The garnish is always whatever flavor of yogurt I use.

  680. R Ballard

    Macaroni salad with either tuna or canned chicken….and pickles!

  681. Carolee Jones

    We love to cut up fresh fruit(usually its crisp apples but when available peaches & blueberries & strawberries are good too!) & top with a dollop of vanilla flavored Greek yogurt topped with homemade granola & lemon zest! YUM!

  682. Beth

    Hands Down. . . .it’s corn on the cob.

  683. Brenda D

    I think it would have to be the fresh blueberries. I love muffins, pancakes, and cakes with fresh blueberries.

  684. Mary Campbell

    Fruit Salad, definitely !!

  685. Margo Jimenez

    I have great neighbors who keep me in many good veggies and fruit. I love to make jam and smoothies the most!!

  686. Lynn Stadler

    I LOVE watermelon and vine ripe tomatoes. It’s worth suffering through this heat for these two items.

  687. My favorite summer treat is my stuffed peppers. I cant wait for the peppers in my garden to get ripe. I also love making cucumber salad aka creamed cucumbers. There is NOTHING better then fresh veggies from the garden. β™₯

  688. Elaine S

    A big ear of fresh sweetcorn slathered in butter. Yummy!!! Then followed by a big slice of watermelon.

  689. Robbi Strother

    A perfectly cooked burger with all the trimmings and potato salad!

  690. Jenny Bennett

    My favorite summertime treat may sound strange, but my grandparents and myself ate these in the summer! Onion Sandwiches. Rye Bread with butter, a slice of sweet onion a little salt. The best!!!!!

  691. Karen Taylor

    I love all fresh fruit would love to have a nice slice of cheese cake with the fruit

  692. Wendy Schwab

    My favorite summer time treat is a fresh tomato sandwich…. white bread, mayo, salt, pepper and tomato slices (skinned) :O)

    Cookbook looks wonderful… whoever wins it is very lucky!

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