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Potato Skins….(this is why they sell taters in a ten pound bag)

There’s a few things I can’t live without:

1.) The obvious…..HEELS

2.) What I should have said first….FAMILY

3.) “To Do” lists

4.) All things potato related…it’s serious business!

If you’re a friend to the deep-fried potato skin, go ahead and take a load off….sit for a spell while I address the unexperienced.

If you have NEVER tried one of these golden beauties, don’t be alarmed…..all those other folks over there with the dropped jaws….they mean you no harm. They’re just simply alarmed that you have missed out for so long. I aim to remedy that VERY QUICKLY 🙂

Now let me first tell you this….While some believe in baking the potato skins, I am NOT one of them. I am all in favor of making “light” dishes, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re making potatoes with bacon, sour cream, and cheese….Is baking REALLY going to save ya? I say…if you’re going out….GO OUT WITH A BANG and be good later! So I fry mine.

Here’s my basic recipe and I’ll share one of my favorite alternatives at the end of the post

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