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Cleaver Contest 11 Winner Announced……

How we all love our comfort food!! I enjoyed reading all of your submissions and NOW it’s time to announce the winner of the newest cookbook from “The Pioneer Woman”!

And the randomly selected winner is……….



Carol shared her love for homemade macaroni and cheese, as well as a great chicken pot pie 🙂

Please submit your mailind adress to to claim your prize!




Stay tuned for the next “Cleaver Contest” and giveaway!

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Plate Hog’n Potato Salad…..

Why plate hog’n you ask? To be perfectly honest….this potato salad is a little bit of a DIVA!

It’ll slap the cheeseburger right off your plate and ya might not even miss it. It’s too good to be a meek little side dish and just doesn’t play nicely with others. So be nice, and give it your full attention!

If you’re looking for a “classic” potato salad….I hate to inform you that this is NOT the recipe. Although there are glimpses of classic ingredients and technique, this is potato salad to a whole other dimension.

So embrace your spuds and take a walk with me….grab a spoon and leave a love note to those you leave behind. Once you eat it THIS way…there’s NO going back!

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Apple Chai Muffins

I adore creating new recipes… goes a little something like this. (I’ll use this particular muffin recipe for an example)

{middle of the night}

I need to make some kind of a “high noon tea” cake….something “fit for a queen“!

(my brain locks onto TEA)

Ooooh tea, I love tea! I need to make something with tea….I have lots of apples to use (I know, totally unrelated to tea)

You see my brain bounces from one thing to another quite regularly, I think in circles…People have told me that this “type” of thinking helps to maintain a strong memory as I age.  I believe they’re just trying to avoid telling me that I’m completely LOCO!

Anywho….I have lots of apples and I love tea! Cake, cookies, muffins….where to go?


I woke up the next morning, pulled my favorite vanilla chai tea bags out of the cupboard and decided on the muffin route. I wanted it to be an appley, streusely, tea-y kinda muffin that would rival those good ole’ muffins from the bakery!

After a little creative thinking and lots of finger crossing….I give you what is, probably, my most treasured creation!

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Smothered Broil and Gravy

When I was a new mother….years ago…..I used to walk into the supermarket and snag up all those cheap cuts of meat, thinking to myself that I was a smart shopper and saving some serious money. After a few times of serving those cheap cuts of meat, I began to think that sacrificing taste for savings was something that most people did. Tough or chewy meat was just the way it was until you could afford better meat!

Quickly, those cheap cuts  stayed in the freezer longer and longer because I didn’t WANT to cook and serve them to my family.

Because I loved to cook and refused to serve my family canned or boxed food each and every night, I set out to conquer the tough cuts.

~Enter the London Broil~ Can this be cut of meat be tough, YES! Can it be inexpensive, YES! Let me show you how to make it delicious.

This recipe produces a tender, old-fashioned roast with gravy that will make you grab a spoon first.

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Harvest Chicken Salad

Allow me to pretend for a moment that things like “Harvest” and “Orchards” exist in my cold climate….allow it just long enough for me to show you this delicious little salad. While you peruse the recipe, I’ll be laying on a blanket inside, just below a window….doing a little something I call “Alaska tanning”!

 That’s where you lay yourself in a ray of sunlight INSIDE, protected from the elements while soaking up the glorious warmth that only exists in the confines of your home. Welcome to “my neck of the woods” Al Roker!

This chicken salad is full of flavor and offers a change of pace from traditional chicken salads…It makes a phenomenal wrap with a fruit or chutney condiment and serves up nicely as a filling for a lettuce cup.

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Mahogany Meatballs

Let me start by saying I LOVE MEATBALLS!

But they have to be GOOD meatballs….yes there are bad ones. No dry, dense, prepackaged or frozen meatballs in THIS house. That my friends, is where I draw the line.

Making terrific meatballs is really fairly simple, and they allow you to play around in the creativity department.

If I know one thing about meatballs, it is this: IF YA WANT A MOIST AND TENDER MEATBALL, YOU HAVE TO CREATE A MOIST MIXTURE!!

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Cleaver Contest 11 and Giveaway….

Who doesn’t love comfort food?

I’m sure the mere mention of this culinary category has visions of biscuits, taters, and red eye gravy, dancing in your head. These meals are like a hug and a warm blanket for your belly, with a side order of sweet tea!

It didn’t take me long to figure out the prize on this contest. Who knows comfort food better than Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman)? What an inspiration this woman is….

A food blogger, a wife, a mother, a photographer, a homeschooler, a business woman……Truly an amazing lady!

So here it is…her SECOND cookbook (P.S. if you don’t have her FIRST cookbook, stop what you’re doing and go buy it)

Now for the rules……

Leave a comment describing a “comfort food” meal that YOU make. It doesn’t have to be swimmin’ in gravy, just something that makes you pop the button on your favorite pair of jeans and sit a spell. Something that makes you want to hibernate 🙂

I will randomly select a winner on March 31st.

There are a couple of ways to make sure you see the winning announcement….how bad would that be to win and never know??

1.) Follow me on facebook for access to all the posts, conversation, and news.

2.) Sign up to follow my website via email and never miss another announcement or recipe. All delivered neatly to your inbox!

Looking forward to reading about your dishes!

Signing Off,

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Loaded Potato Cakes

*Disclaimer* this recipe is unhealthy!

Now that I’ve put my guilt at ease, I’ll start telling myself all the reasons these little cakes are GOOD!

1.) They’re LOADED with veggies (potatoes)

2.) I add some healthy greens (cilantro)

3.) A healthy addition from the grain group (panko)

I’ll be frank with ya….My mother told me time and time again to “EAT MY VEGGIES”! She didn’t exactly say how 🙂

She raised me to be a meat and potato gal, so for good measure I throw in some bacon! I’m such a dutiful daughter….listening to my mother even now!

There’s a few key steps to turning out wonderfully crisp little cakes…… so take a walk with me, and welcome to the dark side of REALLY GOOD bad food!

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